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Blog Entries

  1. So you've been denied to grad school, now what?

    It's nearly the end of March and for the second year in a row, I have not received any acceptances for the MFA screenwriting programs I applied to. Of the 4 programs, currently I have two denials, one interview, and one I have not heard anything from. So now what?

    First, I admit to myself that I'm taking a second round of rejections a lot harder than the first. It hurts. I'd be a liar to say otherwise. It filled me with self doubt. Why not me? What am I missing? What did I mess up? Where...
  2. Getting started with editing...

    Someone asked me recently how to get started editing... advice within. (spoiler: being able to do flashy edits isn't what I advise)
  3. There And Back Again - this isn't a figurative title

    I'm going to take our humble leader Chris's lead and start with a run down of how I've worked in the industry so far and where I plan on going from here. I'll give you a hint, it's involved a lot of travel and quite a bit of luck.

    To begin with, I'm a stereotype. I have been playing with cameras and writing for as long as I can remember. Perhaps less common though, I've never done anything else besides work in the film industry. A very long, personal story made short, I took 4 years off...
  4. Locked!!! (for now?)

    Yay! I locked my most recent episode on Friday. :)
  5. Watch. Every. Frame.

    I'm just about finishing locking up an episode for a certain series that I'm working on. The network had an idea of what they wanted a certain scene to be. It wasn't how I originally planned the scene or really what actually happened but they wanted it anyways.

    So what do you do? You watch everything. Again. This time with a new mindset.... a new thing that you're looking for. You see shots that can be cheated to tell the story that wasn't there before. Eyelines. Shrugs. Little moments...
  6. How I Learned to Edit (And they didn't teach me this in Film School)

    How an "old school" film editor taught me how to edit.
  7. Unscripted - The story so far...

    My journey from a film school student to a Film & TV editor in Los Angeles.