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International Film Institute of New York

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Degrees Offered:
  • Summer Programs
  • Short Term Courses
  • Film & Television Production
Tuition Range:
Under $5k
  • State:
    New York
    United States
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    With over 18 years of successfully providing a window into the world of filmmaking the International Film Institute of New York continues to inspire and support individuals on their journey toward either higher education in film or a foundation to building a career in the industry in a conservatory setting focused on storytelling.

Recent User Reviews

  1. Romano Natale
    "Best film program I have ever been to."
    Pros - Great staff, Great location, Great experience.
    Cons - You can't stay at the program forever.
    Well I couldn't figure out how to make this site give them more stars. I had an amazing experience at The International Film Institute of New York in the 5 week summer intensive . First the Sarah Lawrence Campus is beautiful and is a great location right near the City if you want to visit it in your free time. This Course is run like a Graduate level class crammed into 5 short weeks in which you will learn more about film than you can at any other program. I had Keola as my script supervisor who not only helped me through my 15 separate drafts, but also helped me outside of the class with my script and taught me things that I will carry with me throughout my career in film. For My directing advisor I had the honor of being taught by Jesus Alarcon who not only broke-down the elements of story telling in a multitude of short films, but helped teach us how to plan out our shooting so when we are on set we aren’t having the actors, who we casted in New York City, sit around waiting to be used.

    The fact that we were able to write shoot and edit our own films in this program was amazing. But it got better. When we were there there was a feature set that was shooting on the campus starring Richard Gere. Misial (the head of the program) helped get a few of us on set as PA's which made my year. It was a lot of fun to be at the program. Misial and his wife Donella are the best and most helpful people ever and supported all of us through our filmmaking process.

    This program is the experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in film.
  2. Anonymous
    "Five Week Summer Intensive"
    Pros - Strong curriculum. Dedicated staff. Access to facilities, equipment, and instruction.
    I attended the five week IFI summer film intensive during the summer of 2016. I was initially apprehensive about the program, as I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. I found the schedule to be promising, but I was worried because I didn’t have a whole lot of info on what I was going to get in terms of other people. I actually read a review on this site and decided to take my chance.

    The program turned out to be exactly what I had hoped it would be. The program was very well run and incredibly well structured. I was ready to shoot a film after three weeks. And I went in there with nothing—I didn’t have a script, I didn’t have any previous experience in production. I came out of the program feeling like I had a good foundation on everything from script writing to casting. I came out feeling like I was ready to be a filmmaker.

    What surprised me the most was the quality of the instruction and the dedication of the staff. They made themselves available. They made sure films got made. They cared. I really appreciated that.

    I would strongly recommend this program to a friend, especially if he or she has a strong interest in filmmaking. This program really teaches you everything in a very short time. I was very very happy with the program.
  3. Anonymous
    "One Week Seminar"
    The One Week Seminar was a fulfilling experience. If you have even the slightest interest in film but find yourself stumped as to where to begin then this is the place for you. The week flies by but you would be amazed at how much you can retain.The curriculum covers all the fundamental processes of filmmaking from development to distribution. There is a lot to take in. Especially when you get into camera or editing specifics. While some material may come off as too dry ( I didn't think so but not everyone may agree) it is important to understand all the mechanics of the filmmaking process.

    The instructors were emphatic and their unique idiosyncrasies make them and their lessons memorable. With only a few hours to impart as much as possible, they try their best to answer every question and develop the interests of all the students. Given the time constraints it is your responsibility to take what they give you and run with it. They recommend a ton of great reading material and online resources to complement what they have taught in the classroom.

    Be diligent with your note taking and it helps to come prepared with ideas for a film or screenplay. Don't worry if you miss something because they do provide informative handouts. Ask as many questions as possible! Before, during, and after class. Get everyone's contact information. Stay in touch.

    Your relationship with the instructors does not end with the seminar. IFI is passionate about building a film community and are making strides to improve with each successive seminar. A great group of individuals who love to hear what their students have to offer and promote a collaborative environment in and out of the classroom.

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