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  1. Kira
    Wonderful post and yes, really in the end what matters most is just to keep creating. I would love to hear what was included in your independent study of producing!
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  2. dvxdm
    Great post- thank you for sharing your experience with us. And congrats on wrapping up production on your short, would love to hear about it also. I hope this doesn't sound trite but from your posts I sense that you are passionate, resilient and...
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  3. Chris W
    Great post! Hang in there with the other apps... and I'd love to hear more about your short.
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  4. Septopus7
    Great, inspirational post. And I'm not sure how much comfort this will be, but have you considered the fact that you weren't accepted to your grad schools of choice because you were TOO experienced? I've heard from various people that certain...
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  5. dvxdm
    Great article. I have sooo much respect for editors. Are there ever instances where a director/showrunner specifically builds a scene around a certain piece of music or effect? Also, how closely do editors work with the post-production sound team?
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  6. Chris W
    Great first post and I'd love to read more! :) You mentioned "my students"... you're a teacher?
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  7. IndecisiveElle
    I've been using this mindset a lot on the feature I've been editing. Thankfully the director thinks the same way and it's been a lot of fun finding those little moments that enhance our story that were never intended to be there. We wouldn't have...
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  8. Chris W
    Updated... It was locked for real. :) They loved it. No changes.
  9. dvxdm
    You should totally post more of these Chris! I edit all my own work for now (I've no other option) and I tend to shoot with a very specific vision in mind but I'm learning how limiting that (and not working with a professional editor) can be. Is...