Interviewed AFI - Screenwriting 2019

MA/MFA Program
AFI - Screenwriting

Application Info & Notes

Undergraduate Degree & School
New Mexico State University - Digital Filmmaking and Journalism
Country of Applicant
United States
Submission Date
Dec 2, 2018
Interview Notification Date
Jan 15, 2019
Interview Date
Feb 4, 2019
Alright kids, gather round: I'm here to tell you the story of my AFI interview.

...Overall, pretty good! Everyone's previous sentiment is correct in that it was a pretty laid back affair, and overall I had a good chat with my interviewers (Anne Thomas and Kevin Kennedy). It started out with the short interview with Giovanni in admissions, which didn't amount to much, but did ease my nerves a bit going in with how laid back, casual, and nice he was. Nice little palette cleanser for the...
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The worst thing is that, like, immediately after being done with the interview, I thought of the PERFECT thing I should have pitched.
Doh! That's the worst. Happens to me all the time.
Thank you for your information! And I have an interview scheduled tomorrow. May I ask if staff need to take pictures in the middle of the interview or we simply have to bring a picture of us? And we need to have the printed placard with us right?
Thanks for the info! I've seen you on here last year too and I hope you get in with options :) I'm interviewing today and this info has been helpful!