Admitted After Interview UCLA Producers Program 2020 FALL

MS/MA/MFA Program
UCLA - Producers Program

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Congrats my friend!I recently got an interview for UCLA Producers Program . It was on 03/09/2020. Then the pandemic thing hit and I haven't heard much of anything. How long did it take for them to get back to you !?
Hi William!! I am so sorry for replying late!! So I had my interview on 03/02/2020 and got the admission phone call on 03/16/2020. I got my official offer three days later. Sorry again for the late reply and I hope that you have already gotten the good news or would hear something good soon!!!
Hey Jing,

So, I still haven't heard anything . It's been shortly over a month . I realize that we are in a pandemic and UCLA and all of the different departments have bigger things going on right now. I'm hoping that's the reason I havent heard anything but my heart tells me I didn't make the cut . I didnt apply to any other colleges . My dream and entire focus has been UCLA .
Well, I'm strong and determined so now isnt the time to feel sorry for myself . I'm gonna take a day or to to get organized and come up with a plan to approach becoming a producer another way .
I'm already packed and ready for L.A so I may as well come anyway and continue on with my dream . It's all I can do.
Jing I'm very happy for you! Congrats! I know you are going to do your best and succeed. I will be praying for you . Thanks a bunch .

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