Declined Admission Without Interview USC - Writing for the Screen and Television 2019

MA/MFA Program
USC - Writing for Screen and TV

Application Info & Notes

Undergraduate Degree & School
New Mexico State University - Digital Filmmaking/Journalism
Country of Applicant
United States
Submission Date
Nov 15, 2019
Decision Notification Date
Feb 23, 2019
FINAL UPDATE: Well, this turned into some wacky ass shit, huh?

After three years of applying and putting like all my future into USC, I finally got in...and now I'm going to be left turning them down, as AFI (the only other school I applied for) offered me essentially full tuition to attend their program. I believe I tried everything in my power to still make USC happen, including sending out a very long, nearly 2000 word email to the dean's office, writing school, student...
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Wow, congratulations! Getting admitted without interview must feel so cool!
Awesome, things really paid off, so happy for you! Feel like we've been on a similar journey but for my 3rd cycle I applied to 7 MFAs because I was at my wit's end.

I remember reading your work before too, you've kept writing and have improved for sure! Congrats again :)