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  1. USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA) - Reviews

    "I have finished my first semester and it has lived up to my great expectations. The semester just blew past me. There was so much to do and so much to learn! I just can't wait for the next semester to begin. USC School of Cinematic Arts IS definitely the best film school." Read More Reviews

  2. "I did my undergrad at Chapman, earning a BFA in film production. The MFA production program is also quite good, having pumped out some really prestigious award winning thesis films as of late (ITS JUST A GUN and ROCKET both won the student Academy Award), but the MFA students on average seem a little less committed compared to the undergrads: it really feels like a BFA school more than anything. The Film Studies program is pretty wonky to be completely honest. Many of my favorite teachers aren't there full-time or have been fired as of late. But regarding my BFA in production: It was a great experience overall, especially in my junior and senior year where my workload really picked up and I made a lot of amazing friends that I still creatively collaborate with to this day. Everyone is here to help you. Making art never feels like a sport here, which is great... " Read More Reviews

  3. "The best part of Stephens (in any program) is the alumni network. Stephens alums are known for helping each other, and as a graduate of the undergrad film program I have been in many situations where alums I don't know have helped me out, from finding housing to getting job interviews. As the network continues to expand, this becomes more and more valuable. Not only will you be connected to alums, but your own class is an amazing resource. The people that are selected into the program are top notch, excellent people. You'll meet people you just enjoy being around, and that is so valuable for future working relationships. We all rise together... " Read More Reviews

  4. I graduated from WSCU's MFA program in 2015 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think not enough people know about the program, so I wanted to share some information about it. I chose the school because it was low-residency so I could keep working without having to move for classes, and because the screenwriting professors all were industry professionals working in Los Angeles. I got a dual MFA in both Fiction Writing and Screenwriting, so it really mattered to me that the people teaching have experience publishing and selling work as I didn't want to be a teacher like a lot of MFA Writing Programs guide you into being... Read More Reviews

  5. "A great inexpensive program if you are fine with being in a small, close-knit filmmaking community. A great deal, overall. ..." Read More Reviews

  6. "Ohio University has long been one of the best kept secrets in MFA film programs. Located in the foothills of Appalachia, in the small college town of Athens, there are beautiful natural exteriors. The theater program is top notch, producing talented designers, writers and actors who regularly work with the filmmakers to make films that do well on the festival circuit. The program is small and intimate with caring faculty who continue to produce their own diverse body of work. The 40 year old IMBD and Oscar qualifying Athens International Film and Video Festival brings amazing international, independent, experimental, narrative, and documentary film and filmmakers to Athens every year. Students have opportunities to see a range of new work and meet the filmmakers. The first year "Bootcamp" gives students a foundation in screenwriting, camera, production, acting, directing, sound and editing as they make two black and white films, and one HD documentary. The next two years allow more specialization and individualization as students hone in on their career tracks..." Read More Reviews

  7. "All in all, I feel like I'm in the best program to help prepare me for a long career in film/tv. Even the cons are valid for specific reasons. There's no perfect program out there, but USC definitely makes sure to challenge you, while also preparing you for a long career. I'm much more confident in this program, LA, and producing good content..." Read More Reviews

  8. "I believed LMU's requirements(portfolio, PS, etc.) are quite focus on "get to know you personally". They require a 5-page personal statement and a self-interview-telling-true-story and books and movies you like. I think it may because they have a small program." Read More Reviews

  9. "Columbia is one of the top colleges in the world, period. It's an Ivy League University and has a big alumni association and long history that is impressive. I looks great on a resume. The campus is beautiful, with some exceptions (see below) and it's located in one of the biggest cities in the world. Some people say its one of the best cities as well, but it's not Boston. As far as I am concerned there is Boston, and there is everywhere else. It's no Boston, that's for sure. I'm from Boston, in case you hadn't figured it out." Read More Reviews

  10. American Film Institute (AFI) - Screenwriting
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