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"Downsizing" & "Sideways" Director Alexander Payne says to pursue your Film School dreams

By Chris W · May 11, 2018 · ·
  1. Chris W
    (Nebraska Union of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Photo by Ensign Beedrill)

    At a commencement address at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Downsizing" and "Sideways" director Alexander Payne had some important advice for aspiring filmmakers:

    Don't be afraid to reach for your dreams. (But please do try to avoid going into massive debt doing so in case it doesn't work out.)

    Original Source

    Written by: Micah Mertes, May 7, 2018, Alexander Payne's advice to UNL grads: Do what you want to do while you still can. Also: Go, Scott F, Omaha World-Herald

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  1. sharkb8
    W00! I love Alexander Payne. UCLA remains on my list mostly because it'd be cool to go where he went.

    But it's hard to read "Downsizing director Alexander Payne." Downsizing needs to be shot in the face, stabbed repeatedly by Norman Bates, destroyed in a volcano, burnt to a pair of of tiny glowing embers, and then thrown back in his face, because that was an absolutely god-awful film.

    I'll think of him as "Nebraska" director, Alexander Payne, or "Sideways" director, or "The Descendants" director Alexander Payne, but holy crap Downsizing was atrocious lol.

    Also, have I mentioned that I hated Downsizing?
      Chris W likes this.
    1. Chris W
      Haha. Haven't seen it. That bad huh?
      sharkb8 likes this.
    2. Chris W
      Actually your "Review" of the film makes me want to see it more just to see how bad it is. :) Ha!

      I added a Filmmaking Book review section... maybe I'll add a film review section. :)
    3. sharkb8
      hahaha it's your own time you'll be throwing away. I saw it was getting underwhelming reviews but I thought "I love Alexander Payne I'm sure I'll still like it" but no. It's a pointless, preachy? nonsensical, contrived, and overly expository mess of a film.

      But if you add a review section I'll definitely write some reviews on it :).
      Chris W likes this.
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