Film School Interview Questions

This is a list of ACTUAL interview questions reported from posts from our members from the thousands of posts over the years on these boards. Please leave a reply in the discussion thread with any that you've had and I'll update the article.

Also WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO YOUR INTERVIEW - as an AFI interviewer said according to the forums - "He said he didn't expect a full suit but to dress nice, like nice slacks and business appropriate top. He talked about a sloppily dressed guy giving him the impression that he didn't care."

More tips on the interview:

"I wore a suit to both. I rarely wear suits, but I have to say when you dress well, you really do feel much more confident. I don't know how to explain it any better than that. I highly recommend over dressing because it undoubtedly boosted my confidence, as strange as that may sound. From my experience as well as from the advice I was given prior to my interviews, confidence goes a long way in these interviews. Try to avoid um, so, well & other transition words at the start of each sentence. If you need a second to think, just take your time and answer with conviction instead of stalling with those transition words."

Here are all the interview questions that I've been able to find that were posted on the site... There of course could be some that I missed. Please add them.

  • Why do you think MFA will help you?
  • What's a movie you've seen recently that you liked?
  • What do you think makes a good producer?
  • What skill set are you hoping to learn?
  • Do you have funding programs available in your country?
  • Any questions for us?
  • Why Columbia?
  • Why do you want to make films?
  • What types of films & filmmakers you like?
  • What kind of films do i want to make?
  • What area do i...
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