Film School MFA Application advice from Accepted Students

I asked some members of the site who were accepted to various Film School MFA programs some questions that would provide some advice to other aspiring applicants. If you are now in the process of applying to Film School or are thinking of applying, I hope that you find their responses helpful.

If you've also been accepted to an MFA program please feel free to write your own responses to the questions in the discussion thread.

Below are the responses from forum member @TheArsenal1886 who was accepted to UCLA's MFA Screenwriting program.
  1. To which schools did you apply to?

    USC and UCLA (MFA Screenwriting)

  2. To which schools were you accepted?

    Just UCLA

  3. If you were not accepted to certain schools why do you think that was the case?

    I think it was mostly due to the fact that USC has a very structured (and I would say, "restrictive") application process that only allows you to submit 10 pages of your own work in addition to completing a few 3-5 page prompts that they've been using for nearly a decade. I don't have a particularly stellar resume (undergrad grades/accomplishments were relatively average-- especially compared to many of my classmates at UCLA), so I really only had around 20 pages when it was all said and done to make my case. USC also doesn't interview screenwriters unless they're worried about your ability to communicate in English. UCLA, on the other hand, just wanted a personal statement and "no more than 200 pages" of writing samples. I also had a skype interview with a professor. I think they just afforded me a lot more opportunities to prove that I had a unique voice and could bring something to their program. So in short, I think USC just is a much more traditional application process, and that didn't suit someone who didn't look as good on paper (sans writing, obviously).

  4. To what school did you decide to attend and why?

    UCLA was the only school (of two) that accepted me...
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