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Upload an Avatar​

An avatar is the image in your profile that shows up next to all of your posts. Having an avatar should boost engagement with your posts and threads. To add a custom one upload it in your settings. It doesn't have to be a picture of yourself... it could be your favorite filmmaker or film.

You can also customize the banner behind your avatar and upload an image for that as well.


Change your Signature​

A signature is what is at the bottom of every one of your posts on the site. It can be used to let people know a little about you but a lot of Members use it to let people know where they are applying to and their application status. Some members also use it to let people know that they are a current student or alumni. Edit your signature with this link.


Advanced Search​

Our search function is pretty good but by default it brings up everything including applications and schools. But what if you just want to search old threads for USC? Advanced Search is your friend. There you can specify Searching only Threads and even just search titles and display results as threads. Very easy to find posts this way.

For example here are all 2021 threads in the MFA Application Threads forum.


Application Questions Forum​

Our new Application Questions forum allows members to upvote the best answers and the member who asked the question can mark an answer as being the solution. Users with the most solutions will show up on a new leaderboard.

When you do ask a question. Please try and limit it to one question per thread so people can find their answers quicker in the future.


Add your Application to the Tracker​

tracker (1).jpg
Our Application Database has over 2,600 applications with dates, acceptance stats, and GPA scores. Add your application to the database as soon as you can to help your peers. You can even add your portfolio and other information to your application on the site although some members wait to do this until they are accepted. Read up on how to use the tracker with the article below:

How to use the Film School Application Database & Tracker

How to use the Film School Application Database & Tracker

Thanks to our many members, the Application Database and Tracker consists of over 2,900 applications that date back to 2015, making it one of the most advantageous tools on the website. Its basic function is to track film schools’ rates of acceptance, minimum GPAs, and decision...

The application tracker also allowed us to tabulate the article in the following article. The more applications we have in the database the more accurate the data will be. Add yours today. :)

Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more... (2020 stats)

Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more... (2020 stats)

People often ask "What is the minimum GPA for USC film school?" Or "What is the acceptance rate of NYU film school?" The problem is that Film Schools are often very tight lipped and secret about their acceptance rates and the minimum GPAs that they accept. However thanks to the over 3,200...

Review a Film School​

Did you go to a film school for undergrad? Or are you applying to a film school? Then you can review it. You don't have to be a current student. You can always add another review or update it later once you attend. The more reviews the better it will be for other applicants. Reviews can also be anonymous.

How to Write a Film School Review and Why You Should

How to Write a Film School Review and Why You Should

You don’t have to be a current student or an alum to write a review for a film school! Whether you’re an applicant, interested student, faculty member, current student, or alum, we want to hear from you. Are you currently wondering, “Which film schools should I apply to?” One of the most...

Custom Member Title​


If you are a Supporting Member you can change the text under your user from "Member" to something custom. Change the text in your Account Settings.

Join a Club​

The Student Club system is a perk for Supporting Members that allows accepted applicants, current students, or alumni to have private discussions that are not visible to non-members and el Google. Think of it as similar to Facebook's Private Groups.

It's a safe place for you to share more personal info and have discussions you don't want the general web to see.

If you are a Supporting Member you can request to join a group by selecting the "Join" button. Once the request is approved by moderators the private forum for the group will show up in your forum list.

Club members receive a badge for their club in their user profile.

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 11.03.22 PM (1).png

Check out the Leaderboard​

Our Member Leaderboard has rankings for Most Messages, Highest Reaction Score, Most Solutions, and more...

Where can you get to in the rankings?

I hope you find these tips helpful and let me know if you have any more you want to add.
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