How to get Into USC Film School: An Interview With an SCA Admissions Committee Member


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Would you mind sharing more information about that one application on that influenced the way that you approached your future applications? What was the personal statement about?

Sure, sure. I hope she doesn't read this and hate me. [laughing] I remember it was about a woman who was talking with her best friend who was a gay man and they were talking about blowjob techniques. And you think, oh, is this shock value? But no, the way she presented it was hilarious but also so sad. There was so much emotion in it all and it held my attention. It made me visualize everything that was happening. And it was the story itself. And again, I'm talking about the personal statement. Because again, I think that is so important.

I remember reading [and thinking], “Wait a second, you're allowed to talk about blow jobs on a college application?” And the answer is: absolutely, you should talk about that stuff. That's personal. Talk about those things that are hard for you to talk about. Talk about those things that you don't want to share with other people, because that's what's gonna set you apart usually. That’s what’s gonna make you memorable.

Thank you again @USCSCAAlumni/Faculty for taking the time to interview with us!

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