Thanks to our many members, the Application Database and Tracker consists of over 2,900 applications that date back to 2015, making it one of the most advantageous tools on the website. Its basic function is to track film schools’ rates of acceptance, minimum GPAs, and decision dates. However, our members’ recorded applications can consist of much more than these three basic components. For example, applicants can share details on their interview, their GPA & GRE/SAT/ACT score, their experience with film, their portfolio, their personal statement, and much more. Details like these make the application database all the more informative and helpful for’s users and future applicants.

Technically, anyone can use the Application Database & Tracker to see the most basic components of an application: program, term, undergraduate degree (for MA/MFA applications), country of applicant, and notification dates.

However, only Supporting Members are able to see all the notes on an application, including application and interview descriptions, previous filmmaking experience, GPA, portfolios, personal statements, and test scores. If you are a current applicant or are interested in attending film school, consider becoming a Supporting Member for as low as $3 for one month (not a subscription). Not only does this membership grant you full access to the Application Database & Tracker, you will also be able to use a keyword alert tool, school badges, and private film school forums for accepted students, current students, and alumni.

Why is the Application Database & Tracker so useful?

When researching film programs, the ability to see other students’ experiences with an application process can be exceptionally beneficial. Access to this information allows you to better understand where you stand in a pool of applicants based on your prior experience, and what to expect within the decision making process for a given school. It's a great way to see when other applicants got their interview notifications, acceptance decisions, and much more. Ultimately, the Application Database & Tracker can assist you in your decision-making process, application, and even preparation for film school. It can also connect you with other applicants!

The Application Database and Tracker also contributes to our list of Film School Acceptance Rates. Since many film schools can be secretive regarding their acceptance rates,'s comprehensive network of applications provides you with unparalleled insight on the application process.

How do you use the Application Database & Tracker?

Using this handy tool is easy! Simply click “Applications” on the upper black tab of the website and you’re there. If you're on mobile click the ☰ button to bring up the off canvas navigation.

Filtering Applications
If you want to take a look at a large pool of applications, you can filter your search based on degree type (BA/BS or MA/MFA) and/or the term (i.e. Fall 2020). In the desktop view, these functions are found below “Categories” on the left side of the page. If you're viewing the mobile version of the site, the funnel button is how you bring up the mobile filter.

You can filter by status (Interviewed, Admitted After Interview, Admitted Without Interview, Denied Without Interview, etc), keyword, film program, Country, etc and you can also sort results by Interview Notification dates, Decision Dates, GPA, SAT score, etc...

Here are some examples of how you can use the filters:
Watching Applications
As a member of, you have the option of "watching" different categories and applications: the watch feature alerts you each time an application is added or updated. This way, you can easily remain informed of any news regarding a specific term or application!

To watch a category, click on a category and filter the applications so that they are most relevant to you. Then, click the "watch" tab on the right side of the page. Whenever a new application is added to this category, you will be notified.

To watch an application, click on an application. A "watch" tab will be on the right side of the new page. Whenever this application is updated, you will be notified.

How do you add an application?

To add an application, click the green button at the top of the Application Database & Tracker that reads “Add Application…” You will then be prompted to select the term and degree you are applying for.

Each application requires you to include a school, program, and degree year. With that said, there is so much more that you can (and should) add to your submission. The more informative your application submission is, the more helpful it becomes for other users. Additionally, it contributes to the overall effectiveness of’s Application Database and Tracker!

Consider writing a description of your application, notes on your interview, your previous experience with filmmaking, adding your GPA and your test scores (ACT, SAT, GRE). You can also add an attachment or link to your portfolio, film submission, and/or personal statement. Note that most information in the applications (aside from dates and status) are not visible to the public and only accessible to supporting members.

Can I edit my application?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so once a film school informs you of their decision-- whether it's a decision to interview you, accept
you, or decline you. To make this easier, you have the option to edit the "prefix" of your application to best correlate with your status (i.e. applied, interview scheduled, waitlisted, accepted, etc.).

Specific updates such as decision dates, interview notification dates, interview dates, etc. are especially useful. You can find your applications by going to the Applications menu and clicking the down arrow to the right of "applications". The fourth option down should be "Your Applications". There, you will be able to see a list of all the applications you submitted to the Application Database & Tracker. You can also click on the number of applications in your popup user profile to access the applications that you submitted. By clicking on any given application, you will be prompted to a new page where you have the option of editing.

The edit link is in the menu in the top right or there is a button in the bottom left of your application.

Example applications
Are you having trouble with adding details to your application? Check out this example MFA application for some guidance: Interview Scheduled - SAMPLE MFA Application 2019

Also, take a look at this stellar application submission: Attending - AFI - Screenwriting 2019 (Note that in order to read the full contents of this application, you must be a Supporting Member)

** Your application submissions are not accessible via any search engine and are relatively private. Only Supporting Members are able to see the full notes on your application (like your GPA, portfolio, test scores, etc.).'s Application Database & Tracker is an invaluable resource for those who are considering film school, and we hope that our members benefit from its use. We thank all of you who have submitted applications in the past, and encourage future members to do the same. Remember: the more informative your application submission is, the more effective our database becomes!