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As a Supporting Member it is possible to have your own blog on You can use your blog to write about the process of applying to film school, filmmaking, and attending film school once you are accepted. It is very easy to create your own blog on the site and current film students and site members @IndecisiveElle , @Patrick Clement , and @mm70 have done just that:

Creating your blog is easy.

  1. Go to the Blog page on the site.
  2. Click the green Create Blog button on the top right.


    A blog is where all your Blog Entries (or posts) will be created. See the other member's blog pages here. Create a personal and unique title for your blog and a description for what your blog will be about. Your journey applying to film school or your experience while at film school... etc... etc... This blog page is NOT a blog post. This page that you create is ONLY for the description of what your blog is an a placeholder and a home for all of your blog entries or posts. All images uploaded MUST BE YOUR OWN or be stock images that you own the rights to.

  3. Once you've created your blog simply click the green Create Blog Entry button to write your first blog entry or post. Again all images uploaded MUST BE YOUR OWN or be stock images that you own the rights to.


    For example here is @Patrick Clement 's blog post:

    and @mm70's:

If you have any questions please let me know!

In addition to having your own blog on Supporting Members get the following awesome site features:
  • FULL Forum Access (Private Forum Access, Custom Member Titles, Links in Signature, Unlimited Post Editing Time)
  • FULL Application Tracker Access (View Application GPAs, Test Scores, Notes, Portfolios, etc....
  • FULL Student Group Access (Create Student Groups)
  • FORUM KEYWORD ALERT - Be instantly notified if someone posts a thread with keywords you choose such as "afi" or "usc screenwriting".
To upgrade your account to a Supporting Member use this link:

All donations are a one time amount and you are NOT signing up for a subscription service where you will be charged multiple times. Because that's not cool. is now providing a completely banner AD FREE experience so we rely on user support to run the site. Your donations are immensely appreciated! :)
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