Here are some tips and help for members new and old:
  • Can I registered but I never received my confirmation e-mail and I can't use the site.

    Please check your spam folder. If it isn't in your inbox then it might be in your spam folder. If you still haven't received it and it's been more than 15 minutes, feel free to contact me using the e-mail address that you registered with and I should be able to manually verify your e-mail address.

  • Tips on posting your first message.

    For your first message I recommend introducing yourself in the Introductions and Welcome forum:

    Introductions and Welcomes

    And/or creating or responding to a thread in the Film School Lounge:

    Film School Lounge

  • What is an Avatar? Why should I have one and how can I change it?

    Why I thought you'd never ask! An Avatar is the image that gets displayed next to your user name when you post threads. It can be anything... a picture of your favorite director... a still from your favorite film... or even a picture of yourself. Mine is currently an image used in on of the posters for Seven Samurai for example.

    An Avatar image is a great way for forum members to instantly recognize your user and gives your user a little more personality than just the generic male and female default images. Don't be boring... change your avatar!

    Click here to edit your Avatar.

  • Fill out your profile information.

    Your likes, dislikes, favorite films, where you're looking to apply to Film School... ect..This can also be done here:

  • Can I change my member title from "New Member" to something else?

    Again with the great questions! Why yes you...
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