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You've been wondering how hard it is to get into film school and what your are chances getting into top film programs such as USC. Maybe you’ve heard that their acceptance rate is 2% — but what is it, really? You've been wondering what is the lowest GPA a film program will accept and what is the lowest SAT or GRE score acceptable. Maybe you've also wondered how many people get accepted after being interviewed vs. how many applicants are waitlisted. And this doesn’t take into account a myriad of other factors that can influence the admissions process, like your film experience and portfolio.

It’s safe to say that figuring out what it takes to get into top film schools worldwide has been complicated. But thanks to's application database of over 4,000 (and growing) film school applications, you can easily discover what types of applications have earned past students coveted letters of acceptance and your chances of getting in.

Whether you’ve been wondering about the lowest GPA a production program will take, or how many students were admitted for directing without an interview, has the answers.

To help improve our data even more - be sure to add your own application to help other aspiring film students!

To see the data for a particular film school, find your school in our film school database and select the Acceptance Rates & Data tab. If there are enough applications in our database, you enjoy access to valuable tips and information.

For example, here is the Acceptance Rates & Data page for USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA).

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The database also allows to calculate other important bits of data, like the earliest you might get a call or e-mail to schedule an interview or around what week you might be celebrating your acceptance letter. Supporting Members can also see additional data, like the lowest accepted minimum GPA or lowest accepted SAT score for a film school.

Finally, each film school program page has a detailed overview of the essential, most recently updated requirements for applying, application fees, and ownership rights. For example, take a look at the Overview page for USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA).

Additional Statistics for Supporting Members​

Supporting Members can also see more detailed statistics, such as how many people are accepted if they've been interviewed or how may people are accepted off of the waitlist.

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Supporting Members can also see much more detailed statistics and breakdowns. See many examples below.

How many are admitted who were interviewed?​

If you are granted an interview... Does that mean you'll be accepted? What if you didn't get interviewed at all? What does that mean for your chances of getting in? Thankfully our database has clues to these answers as we can see the acceptance percentages for those in the past who were and were not granted interviews.

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How many are admitted off of waitlist?​

Filmmaking is a highly personal art form, so it’s no wonder that so many aspiring film school students make support groups for getting waitlisted. Knowing the odds of being accepted off of your target program’s waitlist helps you make informed decisions about whether to apply or wait to improve your test scores and/or portfolio.

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How old are admitted applicants?​

The film industry is filled with folks of all ages, but most applicants — especially graduate film school applicants — worry that they may be too old. is filled with discussions that explore whether age factors into admission, so we added percentages of admitted students by age into our database.

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From which countries are Admitted Applicants?​

Not every film school program at the undergraduate and/or graduate level has a strong international student body. Learn more about your target school’s international student demographics and how that may affect your chances.​

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What level of film experience do admitted applicants actually have?​

For example, AFI looks favorably upon students who have some background in film, while other programs may be more lenient. Find out what the film school you’re considering leans towards.​

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Did Admitted Applicants study film during Undergraduate?​

There's plenty of debate surrounding whether a background in film studies increases your chances of being admitted to a graduate film program. But as the application database proves, some schools take more students without undergraduate degrees in film vs. others. We make it simple by listing undergraduate majors.

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How much scholarship money was awarded?​

These days, getting a BFA and (especially) an MFA isn’t cheap, and you should have a solid financial plan before you think about applying. Determine how much federal aid (if any) you may need with our insights into film school scholarships and awards—the percentage of students who received none vs. the average amount received.

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To help improve the site's data... be sure to add your own application to the database.

Thanks to our Supporting Members, can aggregate data and information on top film school programs not found anywhere else. By signing up, you receive full access to upwards of 3,200 film school applications. In addition, Supporting Members enjoy access to private student clubs and forums and full Acceptance Data statistics that demystify common questions about how to construct a winning portfolio, ideal GPAs and GRE scores, and much more!
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