About that.... (a music editorial follow up)

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that you should start cutting with music first:

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Learn to make the edit work WITHOUT music and effects... because if it works dry... then it'll certainly work when scored.
Well of course there's always an exception to the rule.

Without a doubt the scene should be able to work and tell a story dry. If it doesn't... then you have a problem. BUT there are times when a piece of music will inspire you and you can use that inspiration to cut a scene.

Sometimes I'm pouring through the mountains and mountains of tracks that we have to work with and I come along a track with a certain rhythm, tempo, or musical hits that just inspires me. Since I have poured through hopefully most of everything that was shot at this point one starts mentally placing the images up against the music as it plays... and before you know it... sometimes you have a vision for how to cut a scene or a montage.

Then, by all means, please do use a bed of music to cut to as your inspiration.

As a side note, the show I"m cutting now is using songs and lyrics at the start and end (or even middle) of the scenes and it's quite refreshing as the lyrics speak to what the character or characters are thinking. It's a very interesting way to do it... and it becomes almost a music video at times.

Anyways... editing is a blast. It's amazing what two images juxtaposed can say. Keep cutting people.

Fire away with questions in the comments.
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