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AFDA Alumni Tristan-Holmes @ OSCARS:

By NadiaC · Aug 2, 2017 ·
  1. AFDA Johannesburg alumni, Tristan Holmes, began his career in front of the camera at the tender age of 12. After six years as a television presenter, he enrolled at AFDA Johannesburg where he graduated top of his class with a BA honours in Motion Picture Medium. His films made during this time were widely applauded garnering awards all across the world. “Elalini”, his post graduate short won amongst others a Student Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film in 2006.

    In 2008 Tristan completed a six-part drama series for MNET called “Innocent Times” before embarking on a career in music video production. It did not take long for Tristan to establish himself as one of the best music video directors in South Africa winning several awards and many nominations for work done for Evermore, Asa, Winterstasie, Locnville and The Frown.

    For the last few years Tristan has focused on applying his craft to commercials. Once again success has not be hard to come by. Through his own boutique production house The Star Film Co. he has made powerful brand commercials for the likes of Visa, Coca Cola, Tusker, Vodacom, Legit, ANC and SAB. With a distinctive visual style, passionate intensity, relentlessness and unrivaled dedication Tristan has risen to the top of the commercial stable in South Africa at the tender age of 32.

    Now turning his eye to films Tristan hopes to apply the same passion and sensitivity to a personal story loosely based on his own upbringing, “The Hidden Garden”.

    Tristan’s Company Profile:

    Star Films, founded in 2003, operates with our primary focus being based on the
    visual medium of film and commercial production. The company is managed and
    co-owned by 2 AFDA alumni, Adam Thal and Tristan Holmes.

    Star Films is a youthful company that is at the forefront of the industry. As
    Executive Producer, Adam Thal manages the day to day running of the company
    and representing some of the hottest commercial directors on the market.
    Tristan Holmes, Student Oscar Winner and winner of multiple advertising and craft
    awards, takes the reigns as Creative Director.

    We have distinguished ourselves through our own brand of integrity and
    innovative thinking to find feasible application in our productions. We believe in
    focus and when we tackle a project we do it with excellence.

    Star Films’ clientele is made up of mainly advertising agencies around the world,
    through which we have done amazing work for blue chip companies such as
    Diagio, Coca Cola, Visa, Absa Bank, South African Breweries, McDonalds, Vodacom
    and many more.
    With over 12 years of industry experience, and an amazing work ethic, Star is now
    considered one of the leaders in the production industry of Southern Africa.

    See more here:

    The Star Film Company


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