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Film Business

Blogs about life in the Film Biz!

  1. South African short film “The Suit” selected by L’Académie des César to tour all over Europe

    The South African short film “The Suit”, written and directed by AFDA Johannesburg alumni Jarryd Coetsee and boasting 32 AFDA alumni and students on the crew, will be shown to audiences in Paris, Brussels, Rome, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Athens, Madrid, Stockholm and Vienna. It will also screen in 24 different cities and towns across France, as part of one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe, La Collection du Panorama des Nuits en Or (The Collection of the Panorama of the Golden...
  2. About that.... (a music editorial follow up)

    Sometimes music can be quite the inspiration for an edit.
  3. I did a thing - and you can too!

    My last post was all about the develop, prep and shooting of my short film. For Heads/Tails process, the next phase has been our crowdfunding campaign. For most creatives, this is without a doubt, raising money can be the most nerve wracking aspect of the project. In my case, I know exactly how much money I need to re-coup after putting the project rentals and purchases on a credit card and budgeting a fair deal for my crew and post-production staff. Which is why I'm writing this post right...
  4. You have to make it happen.

    We all want to make movies. We wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case. But making any movie, even a short can feel daunting no matter how much experience you have. Here's how I made my hopefully triumphant return to directing. I'll start from the very beginning... The Script - How did I write my script for a short film? A saying I picked up at the UCLA Professional Producing Program is "make is the shoe fit the foot". I think it's something that applies to all aspects of production...
  5. Getting started with editing...

    Someone asked me recently how to get started editing... advice within. (spoiler: being able to do flashy edits isn't what I advise)
  6. There And Back Again - this isn't a figurative title

    I'm going to take our humble leader Chris's lead and start with a run down of how I've worked in the industry so far and where I plan on going from here. I'll give you a hint, it's involved a lot of travel and quite a bit of luck. To begin with, I'm a stereotype. I have been playing with cameras and writing for as long as I can remember. Perhaps less common though, I've never done anything else besides work in the film industry. A very long, personal story made short, I took 4 years off...
  7. Locked!!! (for now?)

    Yay! I locked my most recent episode on Friday. :)
  8. Watch. Every. Frame.

    I'm just about finishing locking up an episode for a certain series that I'm working on. The network had an idea of what they wanted a certain scene to be. It wasn't how I originally planned the scene or really what actually happened but they wanted it anyways. So what do you do? You watch everything. Again. This time with a new mindset.... a new thing that you're looking for. You see shots that can be cheated to tell the story that wasn't there before. Eyelines. Shrugs. Little moments...
  9. How I Learned to Edit (And they didn't teach me this in Film School)

    How an "old school" film editor taught me how to edit.
  10. Unscripted - The story so far...

    My journey from a film school student to a Film & TV editor in Los Angeles.
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