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Locked!!! (for now?)

Yay! I locked my most recent episode on Friday. :)
  1. Yay! I locked my most recent episode on Friday. :)

    For this show there's:

    1. Rough Cut 1
    2. Rough Cut 2 (not in this show's case)
    3. Fine Cut
    4. Locked Cut
    And that's it.

    But this network likes to do notes on the Locked Cut.

    Wait why am I saying this network... almost all that I've worked with do notes on the locked cut. It's almost like they don't know what that word is... maybe there should be a fine cut 2?

    Oh well.

    But it's locked! (unless they come back with notes... knock on wood... but they already came back and said no notes) And the graphics guys are already doing their thing and they want to ship before this coming Friday so they better have no notes. :)

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  1. Chris W
    Updated... It was locked for real. :) They loved it. No changes.