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  1. LeeAnne Lowry reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    Stephens College MFA in TV and Screenwriting

    "Great option for those who aren't ready to move to LA but want a Hollywood education"
    The Stephens MFA in Screenwriting is a incredible option for people who want a reputable MFA and still be able to hold a full-time job. I chose the MFA program because I wasn't in a position to leave work or move near a school I'd want to attend, but I still wanted to put in the work to get the degree. Through this program I was able to take only 10 days out of each semester to travel to LA for intensive classes, and then the rest of the year I could do my work on weekends and evenings. The...
  2. Elizabeth Dwyer reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    Stephens College MFA in TV and Screenwriting

    "A life-changing experience"
    As a member of the inaugural cohort, I was blown away by how incredible and influential this program is. It was phenomenal to spend two years of my life among such brilliant, hardworking, dedicated people - from instructors to mentors to fellow classmates. These are lifelong connections and friendships, providing support and encouragement long after graduation. You'd be hard pressed to find a more devoted group of people, chief among them the program's creator, Ken LaZebnik, aka The Nicest...
  3. Chris W reviewed a Film in the category Films.

    The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    "Why I wanted a Career in Film"
    I distinctly remember watching this film in high school when it came out and when the final credits rolled I thought "Now THAT'S why I want to work in film". Great movie. Watch it now if you haven't. Steven King's shorts make such good films. Or at least they can. Stand by Me was great... Mist was meh but I loved that short story.
  4. Anonymous reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    Columbia College Chicago - Cinema Art + Science (B.A. & B.F.A.)

    "CCC Review"
    CCC is a great film school for many reasons: different levels of courses allows you to explore your preference for filmmaking step by step as well as teaching various aspects in film production process, so that you would gain lots of experience and become a professional in terms of thinking and executing. Professors there are great as they do respect students' ideas and who you are, and as a big school with students from all over the world they respect all the cultural differences. For...
  5. Sachin Dheeraj reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    UT Austin - MFA program in Film and Media Production

    "UT Austin review based on talking to current students/ alumni/ faculty"
    Pros: Affordable tuition compared to other schools. ~9k for Texas residents and ~18k for out of state, per annum Amazing TA opportunities guaranteed to almost every MFA student. Benefits: Resident tuition qualification, Free medical insurance, 6k stipend per semester, $1892 tuition reduction per semester (paying ~6k for 2nd year and ~3k for 3rd year) Great faculty, also great for exploring Documentary film making. Film funding - 1k for pre-thesis film, 7k for thesis film (Moody Innovation...
  6. Sachin Dheeraj reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA)

    "USC review based on talking to current students/alumni"
    Pros: Really strong alumni network. Reputation and Prestige (World renowned). Opportunities to pitch to studio executives. Job opportunities/internships other than DP or directing in Hollywood. Surrounded by faculty who currently work in Hollywood. Student assistantships with hourly pay with sign on bonus of up to 5k. Scholarship opportunities for students who get their 1st or 2nd year films into good film festivals. Cons: Tuition fee: ~40k/annum ( total cost for 3 years might extend up...
  7. Anonymous reviewed a Film School in the category United Kingdom.

    National Film and Television School (NFTS)

    "Getting worse with every year."
    I agree with one of the comment I`ve read "In the past the only criterion to get there was talent/skills. Now the most important criterion are: gender, race, country, religion." In the last 5 years it started to be all about politics. The only course worth apply is VFX. Tutors have connections in film industry, they do provide job opportunities after graduation, they do have useful workshops. Rest courses are expensive wasting of time. Everything looks so nice before you sign agreement...
  8. Anonymous reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    Savannah College of Art and Design

    "Great Foundation"
    I really enjoyed my time here and appreciate the foundations classes we were required to take because they trained us to become artists, technically and conceptually. It definitely played a role in our filmmaking, regardless of how much I hated Drawing 1 & 2.
  9. Julia L reviewed a Film School in the category United States.

    University of North Carolina - School of the Arts

    "This School is Run like a Studio"
    I cannot express in words how valuable your education will be at this school. I've only been here for a single semester and I have already directed my own short on a sound stage and have been a part of 16 others in my film section. I've also worked on two six day shoots for 4th year films and started pre production for four 3rd year films as well as two 2nd year films. My main point being is that your film classes are not the only source of the film education you get here. You're working on...
  10. Anonymous reviewed a Film School in the category Graduate Film Schools.

    Boston University Producing

    "MS in Producing/Management"
    A postive for BU is that it's only a three-semester program. Of course, it's a program that will set you back about $75,000. So, be ready to cough up some dough. On the bright side, you are receiving an education from one of the most-respected universities in the entire world. In fact, when you mention BU to most anyone, they are impressed. So, you have that going for you. Another plus for the graduate program is they typically offer you a scholarship. Although it varies for each person,...
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