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New Film School Reviews

  1. ImmigrantFilm
    "Get What You Make Of It"
    I did my undergrad at Chapman, earning a BFA in film production. The MFA production program is also quite good, having pumped out some really prestigious award winning thesis films as of late (ITS JUST A GUN and ROCKET both won the student... View Full Review
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  2. boopthatnose
    "Best Summer Intensive Program"
    I spent a lot of time researching for the right summer program for me. Save for those conducted by universities, most of the others are scams and their sales representatives are relentless in their pursuit for international students. So I think... View Full Review
  3. Craig Maddux
    "Fantastic People and Creative Freedom"
    No, my pros and cons are not a mistake. The best thing about Raindance also makes it the hardest. There is nobody spoon-feeding you; laying out out a series of tick boxes or Reese's Pieces for you to follow. You design your degree based on... View Full Review
  4. Mike Milton
    "A Film School with a Difference"
    Many people will advise that the best film school is on-set experience. This program ensures you can get that while also being supported academically and professionally in researching your negotiated program. People taking this course include... View Full Review
  5. Miles S. Crossman
    "Great opportunity for self directed study."
    As a student of Raindance Postgrad since Nov. 2015, I can only say that this is the perfect school for persons seeking to study in concert with other commitments, whether that be work, family or the inability to travel this distance education... View Full Review
  6. Emily01
    "Great Admitted Students Day"
    I just went to their graduate admitted students day, and needless to say, it's pretty understandable why they continuously rank top 3 on every Best Film School list. Friendly and knowledgeable faculty, committed students, and they had pulled a... View Full Review
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  7. Robin
    "Awesome Low-Residency Screenwriting Program!"
    I graduated from WSCU's MFA program in 2015 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think not enough people know about the program, so I wanted to share some information about it. I chose the school because it was low-residency so I could keep working... View Full Review
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  8. mee783
    "Good place to meet people and make connections"
    I attended the Disney production programme and it was a great experience. I got to meet many people enthusiastic about making films and got involved in many different projects. We had to write, direct, edit or/and produce at least one film. We... View Full Review
  9. Anonymous
    "My Number 1 School"
    Overall, this is my first choice out of all the schools I want to go to next year because they work you like you are going to work in the industry. You have the ability to work on other students' projects every weekend and gain that experience... View Full Review
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  10. Operator
    "Good school"
    I attended this school from Jan 2015 to Dec 2016 after transferring in from a community college. Overall, I had a great experience. As with any college, you will have professors/instructors that you hate and are full of themselves. One thing... View Full Review
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