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Jiaying Hu
Mar 16, 2017
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Jiaying Hu

applicant for 2018 FALL, Female, from China

applicant for 2018 FALL Mar 16, 2017

    1. Z Huang
      Z Huang
    2. Ram GM
      Ram GM
      Also, I would really any general advice and wisdom on the Skype interview process, stuff you learned the hard way, areas to be prepared for and anything related to the interview basically! Thank you so much!
    3. Ram GM
      Ram GM
      Hi there @Jiaying Hu I've been asked to interview on Skype on Feb 20th, for the AFI Directing program. I desperately need scholarships. I've applied for both the general AFI and Sloan Scholarships. Should I voice my need for scholarships in the interview? Or should I save it for after admission? I'm really worried that this might tick them off the wrong way if I mess this up. How did ur interview go btw?!
      1. Jiaying Hu
        Jiaying Hu
        Congrats! They will ask you are you able to pay for the tuition and how. You might mention the scholarship there.
        May I ask who your interviewers are?
        In my interview, it was just a conversation. It was quite relaxing. BE YOURSELF is the best.
        Feb 11, 2018
    4. Jiaying Hu
      Jiaying Hu
      applicant for 2018 FALL
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