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3 Year A.S.
Acting, Directing, Editing, Film & Television Production, Producing, Screenwriting
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Under $5k
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Priority: February 15
Regular: July 1
Located in Denver, Colorado Film School has been identified by International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) Magazine as one of the "superlative" film programs in the nation. Hollywood Reporter recently named CFS as one the top 25 film schools in the world.
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  • professors, practical filmmaking, small classes
  • location, no bachelors degree
CFS is an awesome school to attend to really learn practical filmmaking. Their professors are amazing, and have a ton of previous filmmaking experience. The courses are highly informative, and more than that very hands on, which allows you to develop the necessary technical knowledge base for making films (not just the history and theory, though they also teach that of course).

Unfortunately, they don't currently offer a bachelors degree, only certification or an associates. However, that could be seen as a plus, because with its location in Colorado you'll be moving anyway to really pursue a career in film.

At the end of the day, a great basis for anyone wanting to go into the industry. My suggestion - don't pass this program up, because you'll get so much personalized attention from great teachers that will really give you a step up when you transfer to a four-year program. Do your time, listen and learn, and you won't regret spending time here first.

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