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Degrees Offered
  1. 2 Year M.F.A.
  1. Directing
Yearly Tuition
$20k to $30k
Application Deadlines
January 6, 2021
As a candidate in the Cinema Directing, MFA program, you'll learn to craft character-driven narratives, work with producers, and create diverse and authentic films grounded in the human experience. You’ll take on intensive study in writing and, throughout the program, direct your own scripts as well as those written by other directors. Over the course of the program, you'll work closely with a Creative Producing student to develop two major films: one that is director-driven and one that is producer-driven. You'll have creative control over some films, and you'll learn work-for-hire on others. Having experience in both the independent film model and the industry model will make you better equipped to make an impact in the field no matter which path you choose upon graduation.
School URL
GRE Required?
Portfolio Required?
Application Fee
$ 60
Letters of Reference Req.
Application Requirements
1) Self-Assessment Essay,
2) Creative Portfolio,
3) Visualization Project (8-12 frames),
4) Case Study Exercise (500 words),
5) Short Film Thesis Statement (250 words),
6) Written Thesis Statement (250-500 words), and
7) Interview

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a great decision
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  • Complete program, value, great professors, always stuff to do, responsiveness
  • Covid times not the schools fault
Columbia College Chicago is not only one of America's best film schools it is also one of the most affordable. The program is advertised as 2 years online but can be as long as you want it to be. They respect storytelling above all else and are extremely supportive. The communication with the head of the program is also really strong and if somebody doesn't have an answer for you they will quickly direct you to the right place. I have yet to step foot on campus because of covid but my learning has not been hindered. Once again the affordability is king for CCC if you look at The Hollywood Reporter best film school list CCC is a fraction of the cost compared to the other top film schools. I cant imagine you get a better education elsewhere and if you do it's not by a wide enough margin to make up the cost difference. Trying to find the right grad school is a near impossible task with the amount of options available, I am lucky I my place and if you attend I'm sure you'll feel the same.
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