EICAR International Film School of Paris

EICAR Film school review
Degrees Offered
  1. 2 Year M.F.A.
  2. Summer Programs
  3. 1 Year Conservatory
  4. Graduate Certificate
  5. Short Term Courses
  6. 3 Year B.F.A.
  1. Acting
  2. Cinematography
  3. Directing
  4. Editing
  5. Production Design
  6. Sound Design
  7. Screenwriting
  8. Film Studies
Yearly Tuition
$20k to $30k
Tuition Detail
BFA (3 years) - 14,250 euros p.a., MFA (2 years) - 19,950 euros p.a., Diploma (1 year) - 15,950 euros p.a.
Application Deadline Details
August 30

Film School details

School Website
What is the official minimum GPA requirement? 1.5-2.0 / 4.0
Is a GRE required for admission? No
Is the SAT or ACT required for admission? No
Is a portfolio required for admission? No
Who owns the copyrights of the films made at the school? The School
How many Letters of Reference are required? It would help
Fellow filmmakers, this film school is a scam. On the outside, it sure does look like a legit film school but on the inside it's filled with management that is highly racist, biased and extremely rude. Of course not everyone treats the students that way but a vast majority in the management do. To spend a big chunk of your earnings on this institute is a waste of your time, money and effort. I studied there for enough time to know how messed up this institute is from inside. Run by a Director (Bob Swaim) who is accused of sexual assault, you will never feel safe in this institute. Don't believe me? Google it. And especially if you're an international student, you will be asked to learn everything the 'French way' but in situations of need, such as visa renewals, documentations for CAF, insurance and every other basic necessity for an international student, the management will conveniently brush aside. While every university in Paris, helps its students figuring out these things (I know because I have friends in other universities), EICAR is classic example of a money making institute that won't even fix the toilets unless somebody makes a big deal about it. It's only surviving because some of the professors are decent and the only source of encouragement for one to attend the institute. It's just not enough for one invest their life savings for it to only disappoint you. Film school is supposed to be fun, filled with experiences that you cherish, but EICAR is certainly not that. Hit me up at filmcriticstudent@gmail.com if you wish to know more. Be woke, be aware.

Application Requirements

Barely challenging portfolio would also guarantee an admission

Class Size

15-25 students

Internship Opportunities

Independently obtained, yes. Film School won't provide any assistance.

What scholarship opportunities does the school have?

It is claimed that they offer scholarships from 2nd Year of education but in reality, that has never happened.

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