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Degrees Offered
4 Year B.A., 4 Year B.F.A.
Film & Television Production, Film Studies
Yearly Tuition
$40k to $50k
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Application Deadlines
November 1 - Early Action
January 15 - Regular Decision
At Emerson’s Department of Visual and Media Arts, the process of transforming your vision into reality is fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding. You’ll dive right in and start working with talented mentors, collaborators, and crew members from day one.

Emerson’s Department of Visual and Media Arts is all about learning by doing. Is your medium film or video? The Internet or animation? Studio television or audio? Are you drawn to fictional narratives or documentaries? Commercial or experimental projects? Writing, directing, or post-production? Whatever your passion, our department offers unlimited opportunities to grow, collaborate, and thrive—plus access to sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that help your creativity take flight.

You’ll learn from experienced faculty members who are teachers, doers, and industry players, collaborate with talented classmates, and benefit from studying in a city that ranks among the top five U.S. media markets. Boston’s prominence as an increasingly popular location for major feature film shoots provides limitless opportunities for internships, jobs, and freelance assignments. The area also boasts dozens of theaters, television and radio stations, film festivals, and art museums and galleries that offer outlets for your work. Once you graduate, you’ll benefit from Emerson’s extensive alumni network, which spans every medium—and every market—in the entertainment industry.

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  • Well respected in the industry (Film, Media, Journalism)
  • Nice renovations to campus
  • Great classes that challenges you to think critically
  • In the heart of Boston, so very urban campus if that's what you like
  • Very elitist student body
  • Not diverse in ethnicity or class
  • A bubble, everyone operates in an Emerson vacuum and is very arrogant (cliche arts school)
  • Lack of diverse professors, therefore if you're a student of color you will be less likely to have your work critiqued by someone who looks like you and has lived your experiences
  • Can't use film equipment unless in the film production. In tours they'll show you the equipment but unless you're directly enrolled you're not allowed to access it
  • Not a very strong alumni base (they're everywhere, but not willing to help as everyone sees each other as competition)
  • Everything is a competition. So all the clubs you need to try out, audition, submit a resume to join any group on campus which leads to popularity contest
Emerson opened a lot of doors for me, so I can't dismiss that fact. However, I don't think it was necessary for me to go to Emerson as opposed to another top university for communications (UVA, Boston U, NYU).
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