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Degrees Offered
  1. 2 Year M.A.
  1. Cinema Visual Effects
Tuition Detail
£13,800 a year (Home fees) | £27,000 a year (Overseas Fees)
Application Deadlines
July 5, 2018
Digital FX are everywhere – from low budget independent movies and online digital content, to commercials, television programmes, games and Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Extensive, practical training on set, in a vfx and animation studio and in cutting-edge digital post suites.
  • Work with the latest software applications and digital camera technology.
  • Tutored by artists, technicians and supervisors currently working in the Industry.
  • Shared modules during Year 1 across essential 2D and 3D vfx/sfx techniques.
  • Specialise in Year 2 in either Compositing - Design and produce digital vfx for multiple projects or Colour - Online and colour grade multiple projects or CG 3D - Design and create 3D cg vfx for multiple projects.
  • A unique bridge to the post production and vfx industries.
  • A Creative Skillset-supported course.
  • Unlike other schools, all production costs are met by the School.
The course covers such a diverse range of subjects that there is no typical candidate. Your background may be in the arts or other media or you may be a recent graduate or Industry professional looking to fast-track or switch your career.

Although not strictly necessary, you are likely to have some Industry experience or training in your chosen field and you must already understand the basic technical and operational use of computers.

An ideal candidate should have a mixture of creative and technical skills. Communication, people and management skills are also desirable.

Your application should be supported by a brief outline of your particular interests in the Compositing, Colour Grading or CG 3D fields including any relevant experience, either academic or practical.

You must indicate in your application which specialism you wish to study during the second year:

either Compositing or CG 3D or Colour.

This course commences in January each year. During this extremely practical modular course, you will spend a lot of time learning techniques “on set”, in addition to learning in front of a computer. You will work closely with students from all the other NFTS MA disciplines, creating 2D/3D VFX, CG 3D FX or Colour Grading and Onlining the entire production, on a diverse range of NFTS film and television projects – many of which go on to become international award-winners.

This course shares a common first year, allowing you to specialise in the second year in one of three areas:

COLOUR: For those who aspire to be:
Digital Film Colourists (Baselight/Nucoda/Scratch)
and/or Online Editors (AVID|DS/Symphony/Smoke)

COMPOSITING: For those who aspire to be:
VFX Artists/ 2D/3D Compositors (Nuke/Flame/Adobe CS6)

CG: For those who aspire to be:
CG 3D Artists or CG TDs (Maya modelling/lighting/texturing/rendering)

Ultimately the course will provide the backbone for a career in 2D VFX or 3D VFX or Colour Grading/Online editing.

The NFTS holds a unique position within the film and television industries, whereby it can offer an invaluable “Bridge to Industry” that attempts to help graduates establish themselves in a new career. At the time of writing, all the previous Digital FX graduates are in employment from Soho to São Paulo. Some are 3D CG TDs at Framestore, Double Negative and MPC in London, others SFX producers at Millennium FX, others 2D/3D compositors at The Mill, Cinesite and The Senate, others working in software development and as product specialists at Filmlight, Image Systems, Assimilate and The Foundry, and others as freelance conform editors and colourists.
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Portfolio Required?
Application Requirements
1) Brief Outline of Particular Interests

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time it was last updated. PLEASE verify with the school ALL due dates and requirements as they may have changed since our last update. If any info on this page is incorrect please let us know and we will update it. We are not responsible for missed deadlines or rejected applications due to out of date information on this page. Please do your due diligence.

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  • Hands-on approach in all courses
  • School equipment
  • Masterclasses (David Boyle, Christopher Nolan, Richard Branson)
  • School bar
  • Facilities (upgraded now)
  • No cheap student accomodation
  • Scholarships hard to access
I went on a 2 year long Digital effects MA course and now I'm 6 months after graduation. I already have 9 months of work experience and am working at Foundry at the moment.

First year is full of exercises (3D modelling, motion capture, motion control and so on) - working on-set with the other departments (DPs, Art, etc) is one of the best things at NFTS because you get a sense of how the industry works.

Second year is where you specialize (3D, 2D or Colour Grading) and when you start to be more responsible of your actions. You don't have classes but rather work on Graduation Films (which everyone takes very seriously) and you become the adult artist that's ready to be soon employed.

The DFX course (but I'm sure others too but to relevant locations) includes trips to FMX in Stuttgart, BFX in Bournemouth. Also some practical effects, and blowing up a couple of things (more for reference).

I'm happy with my time at NFTS and I would do it again anytime. They were quite good at teaching though so I don't need to go back.
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Jim Ireland
Hi and thanks for your info. I have a couple of questions you may be able to answer for me.
Do you know anything about the location sound Diploma course .?
Are ther students of mature years ? In their 40’s at he National ?
Many thanks

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