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Chris W
Digital Effetcs_2016b_0.jpg

NFTS - Digital Effects

4.5/5, 4.5 from 1 review
Degrees Offered:
£13,800 a year (Home fees) | £27,000 a year (Overseas Fees)
Extensive, practical training on set, in a vfx and animation studio and in cutting-edge digital post suites.
Digital Effetcs_2016b_0.jpg
  1. Alex Rogozea
    Digital Effects MA
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2017
    Career Assistance:
    Financial Aid & Scholarships:
    • + Hands-on approach in all courses
    • + School equipment
    • + Masterclasses (David Boyle, Christopher Nolan, Richard Branson)
    • + School bar
    • + Facilities (upgraded now)
    • - No cheap student accomodation
    • - Scholarships hard to access
    I went on a 2 year long Digital effects MA course and now I'm 6 months after graduation. I already have 9 months of work experience and am working at Foundry at the moment.

    First year is full of exercises (3D modelling, motion capture, motion control and so on) - working on-set with the other departments (DPs, Art, etc) is one of the best things at NFTS because you get a sense of how the industry works.

    Second year is where you specialize (3D, 2D or Colour Grading) and when you start to be more responsible of your actions. You don't have classes but rather work on Graduation Films (which everyone takes very seriously) and you become the adult artist that's ready to be soon employed.

    The DFX course (but I'm sure others too but to relevant locations) includes trips to FMX in Stuttgart, BFX in Bournemouth. Also some practical effects, and blowing up a couple of things (more for reference).

    I'm happy with my time at NFTS and I would do it again anytime. They were quite good at teaching though so I don't need to go back.
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    1. Jim Ireland
      Hi and thanks for your info. I have a couple of questions you may be able to answer for me.
      Do you know anything about the location sound Diploma course .?
      Are ther students of mature years ? In their 40’s at he National ?
      Many thanks
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