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  1. 2 Year M.A.
  1. Editing
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£13,800 a year (Home fees) | £29,000 a year (Overseas Fees)
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Application deadline has passed. Contact school.
May 3, 2018
Digital technology has transformed the editing process, yet it has also dramatically diminished the role of the assistant editor so that opportunities to learn the art of editing as an apprentice are increasingly hard to find.
  • Unique course in UK.
  • Creative and technical skills developed.
  • Study in a collaborative, filmmaking environment.
  • Students assigned individual editing suites.
  • The NFTS is an Avid Education Partner.
  • Unlike other schools, all production costs are met by the School.
The Editing course is part of the Post Production department, where we are looking to assemble a group of students with diverse and varied backgrounds. There is no 'typical' student or perfect candidate who conforms to a mandatory list of qualifications.

You are likely to have some Industry experience or training in your chosen field. Your background may be in the arts or other media, you might be looking for a further professional qualification or wish to broaden your knowledge of film and video editing, taking you to a higher level of work.

This course commences in January each year. This course provides a thorough education in editing skills in a professional filmmaking environment. Editing students are encouraged to consider their craft as part of the whole process of film and television production and not merely as the final stage, making them true collaborators, not just efficient technicians.

The emphasis of the Editing curriculum is firmly on storytelling and the relationship between editor and director. Students learn to apply their craft to the demands of fiction, documentary and animation, creating visual narratives while working with sound, music and, where appropriate, special effects. Workshops with other departments develop concepts of visual storytelling, mise-en-scène, storyboarding, sound design, music and scriptwriting.

Editing graduates have a high rate of employment on feature films, shorts and television programmes. Many new graduates quickly become editors on independent productions or assistant editors on features or TV drama, while others gravitate to visual effects, promos and i-dents. One recent graduate was joint winner of the Best Young Editor Award at Broadcast Magazine's B+ Awards. Recent graduate editing credits include Florence Foster Jenkins, Our Kind of Traitor, The Queen, Hannibal Rising, Reprise at the cinema and Downton Abbey, Paul Merton in China, Holby City, Hustle, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Spooks on television.
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