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Degrees Offered
  1. 1 Year M.A.
  2. Graduate Certificate
  1. Costume Deisgn
  2. Creative Producing
  3. Critical Studies
  4. Directing
  5. Film Studies
  6. Producing
  7. Screenwriting
  8. Writing and Producing for Television
  9. Writing for Screen & Television
Yearly Tuition
$10k to $20k
Application Deadlines
Next online Deadline: April 28, 2017
Next London, ENG. Deadline: July 28, 2017
From the moment you start this MA/MSc, you'll be making films, writing screenplays, immersing yourself in the industry.

The Raindance Postgraduate Degree, which is delivered in partnership with Staffordshire University, is unlike any other film degree. The negotiated learning approach enables you to design 80% of the degree: define what you want to learn, without being pigeonholed in any boxes or labels.

You can make your course of study as hands-on as you wish. The range of our students' work is as varied as our students. You’ll be working alongside a strong like-minded community of creatives, sharing and supporting each other while working on your own film projects and career goals.
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SAT Required?
Portfolio Required?
Film Copyright
Application Requirements
1) Reflective Essay,
2) Learning Plan, and
3) Sample of Creative Work

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time it was last updated. PLEASE verify with the school ALL due dates and requirements as they may have changed since our last update. If any info on this page is incorrect please let us know and we will update it. We are not responsible for missed deadlines or rejected applications due to out of date information on this page. Please do your due diligence.

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  • You will have nearly complete freedom to design your degree.
  • You will have nearly complete freedom to design your degree.
No, my pros and cons are not a mistake. The best thing about Raindance also makes it the hardest. There is nobody spoon-feeding you; laying out out a series of tick boxes or Reese's Pieces for you to follow. You design your degree based on your interests and passions. The fantastic Raindance mentors and staff help you meet the uni requirements based on your plan.

Just as in real life, you'll get sometimes conflicting advice on which path to follow. But you'll suck it up, make your mistakes and forge on. These are some of the most valuable lessons in the program.

Having come from a couple of years at a traditional film school, the program was a breath of creative and independent fresh air. It was exactly what I needed to complete my degree. The Raindance community is filled with talented, generous, encouraging, and genuinely kind people. I hope to remain a "Raindancer" for the rest of my film career, whatever shape that takes.

If you want to sit in a class and follow someone else's path, avoid Raindance. If you want to follow your own...I can't recommend it highly enough.
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Current Student
  • Negotiate your program based on your needs and goals
  • Excellent networking
  • Practical filmmaking projects are fully supported
  • Affordable
  • It can be challenging to negotiate your program from scratch.
  • The first few modules are done at a full-time rate (even if you have chosen the two-year program
Many people will advise that the best film school is on-set experience. This program ensures you can get that while also being supported academically and professionally in researching your negotiated program.

People taking this course include emerging filmmakers and people with decades of experience.

Refining and renegotiating your program to accommodate what you have learned is expected (ie: not a hassle)

The program can be fit into a working filmmaker's life.
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Reviewed by
Current Student
  • "Choose your own adventure" style learning.
  • Access to Raindance courses online (or in person if you are nearby)
  • Full or Part time study Flexible Payment scheme
  • Remote study - some may find this a hindrance some workshops are not available online (they're working on it)
As a student of Raindance Postgrad since Nov. 2015, I can only say that this is the perfect school for persons seeking to study in concert with other commitments, whether that be work, family or the inability to travel this distance education package allows you the freedom to choose your own adventure. My experience has been fantastic, both my mentor and advisor have been enormously helpful and at times mind blowing. But here's the catch: YOU must be incredibly focused and have a can do spirit. YOU must be willing to spend on equipment if you don't have any. YOU must be prepared for what can be some harsh criticism.

This program will not bother you, it will not send you a reminder that the deadline is coming up, it will not give you a bunch of boxes to tick, it will not provide you with any physical help. While my mentor and advisor have been most helpful in developing screenplays and assisting me with incite into the pitfalls of the industry, the real focus is on producing graduate level work and research.

This type of education model really works for me. I don't need to check in, I don't feel the need for robust 'student services' (and maybe Raindance has them I have just never looked into it), and I don't care if someone is 'looking out' for my scholarly needs (I'll do it myself thank you very much). The feed back on your module papers is pretty good, but it takes some getting used to the english system of grading. This program depends on how much you are willing to put into it. If you want to engage with fellow student via the web, great. If not, that's great too. If you want someone to review your paper before you submit, done, just make sure you are two weeks before the deadline. I find that this program is designed for independent filmmakers, with entrepreneurial hearts.

For me, in the middle of nowhere, running a small renovation company with 3 kids and a wife with a great career locally, this program is awesome. It has opened up the world of independent filmmaking all the while giving me the opportunity to get an internationally recognized MA from a decent UK university. With many collages now getting after some of their more experienced staff for not having an MA, this is also a great opportunity for some to get that accreditation as Raindance post grad will recognize your industry experience in lieu of an undergraduate degree (depending and you would have to ask them of course). I can not recommend this program enough, provided you are not expecting to phone it in. I enjoy the academic challenge and have found this program to be extremely rewarding.
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