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Degrees Offered
1 Year Conservatory, Summer Programs, Short Term Courses, Graduate Certificate
Acting, Cinematography, Cinema Visual Effects, Creative Producing, Directing, Documentary Filmmaking, Editing, Film & Television Production, Film Studies, Producing, Production Design, Screenwriting, Sound, Sound Design, Writing and Producing for Television, Writing for Screen & Television
Yearly Tuition
$10k to $20k
Tuition Detail
During the pandemic, RIFS is offering online courses, individually and in blocks. See our website for details on tuition fees. Additionally as a result of the pandemic, the 2020/21 academic year has been broken up into online courses in the fall and a one semester program in Spring 2021 on site in Rome. See our website for details of this unique situation.
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The Rome International Film School – RIFS – offers students from around the world the opportunity to learn the art, craft and business of film, television and new media, through a finely structured mix of courses teaching classic professional standards and the ever changing innovations, with a major focus on storytelling, project creation and completion, giving students a three dimensional, complete, practical education in the field.

RIFS is unique in Europe, merging American film education techniques with European cultural and international sensibilities.
RIFS’ focus is on stimulating creativity and teaching true technical proficiency to students, through well-designed, proven courses in the fundamentals of filmmaking – directing, screenwriting, acting, cinematography, sound, production design, post-production, animation, visual effects and more – as well as intensive prioritizing on the making of films. We will turn out professionals, ready to step into the world of filmmaking internationally, each with his or her artistic and professional vision.

The RIFS faculty features award winning directors, screenwriters, producers and film technicians, recognized domestically in their countries, and internationally. RIFS will also boast a steady stream of international guests: writers, directors, actors, producers, art directors, editors, distributors, and other professionals from all corners of the globe, ready to share their experiences with master classes, seminars, screenings, Q&A’s and the like. The school has nurtured relationships with active film production and distribution companies, ready to offer internships and practical professional experience to our students as well. RIFS has a growing Honorary Advisory Board composed of select and important figures in the world of international film, on hand to offer advice, help monitor the school’s evolution and continue to assure the highest level of teaching and film production.

The one-year program

During the Fall semester students take core courses in directing, screenwriting, editing, production and cinematography, acting, short film conception and production, and other short courses in sound and production design. During this first term, students also work in small groups and produce several film exercises and original short films.

During the Spring semester students receive advanced classes, while also participating in a professional workshop which may evolve from year to year. Last year student produced a commercial for major Italian daily newspaper. Additionally they have the opportunity to make more original short films of their own while working on their fellow students’ projects.

By the end of the year, besides gaining enormous practical training in classes, the hands-on approach will allow students to produce at least two films of their own and to have worked on and be credited on over a dozen films during their time at RIFS.

The Feature Program

Highly qualified students will compete each year to be among those invited to participate, and receive advanced training and mentoring as they write, direct, produce, and complete a feature film. RIFS will actively work with our professional, international outlets to distribute the work produced by our students. This way, graduates of RIFS' feature program will hit the ground running as they launch into their careers, with a potentially commercially and artistically successful film. This program is in development. Currently RIFS is working together with four other international film programs to produce our first feature, composed of related short films made by top students from each of our five schools.

The RIFS mission is to provide talented students the opportunity to learn the skills in a creative and practical environment from experienced professionals in the field, so as to be prepared to advance their careers.

With the technologies, platforms, markets, audiences and commercial realities evolving constantly, the RIFS program and approach is built to be responsive to that evolution, to equip and prepare students for the latest developments, as well as to furnish the timeless knowledge that has underpinned the field since its inception. Students work with the latest technologies and techniques, but they are also trained to ensure the quality and value of the content of their work. We strive to see students produce not only projects that are technically impressive, but also those that can move people and make people think. RIFS offers a multi-disciplinary, fast-track program, for students from around the world, with a focus on professionalism, creativity, storytelling and innovation.
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Thanks to professor Carl Haber I was able to learn the fundamentals of screenwriting and how to implement them. For the first time in my life, I'm able to write an interesting story from beginning to end. Haber is very knowledgeable and guides his students into the interesting world of filmmaking. Great class, school, and professor! I highly recommend it!
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