Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

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Degrees Offered
4 Year B.F.A.
Cinema Visual Effects, Film & Television Production
Yearly Tuition
$30k to $40k
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As a student of film and television at SCAD, you'll acquire diverse technical skills, center yourself as a solid creative and step seamlessly into your professional film career. Our students benefit from an immersive experience in the full spectrum of production roles and responsibilities, focusing on advanced study and practice in both the technical and conceptual aspects of filmmaking. Become a visual storyteller, a multimedia artist and a creative communicator who is fully prepared to step into the professional studio — even before you graduate.
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  • Access to pretty state of the art equipment.
  • A few outstanding professors.
  • Lots of collaboration between sound, vis effects, motion graphics.
  • Everyone is so motivated to do well, it makes you want to do better.
  • Opportunities to work on films and tv sets while going to school.
  • Connections!! Your professors are your life line so make good impressions.
  • Great school for DP's.
  • Casting department will help you cast your student films.
  • New film building has plenty of computers with AVID and protools, plus plenty of studios to film in.
  • People have their groups... it's cliquey.
  • Film students here are notorious for being pretentious and obnoxious.
  • Savannah can be unsafe, so it's important to be mindful when choosing an apartment off campus.
  • You get what you put in. The career dept. will help you only if you seek their help.
  • There aren't enough classes for producers.
  • You're screwed if the other students don't like you.
  • The cage is disorganized. You have to triple check your equipment when you rent.
  • SCAD owns everything you make using their equipment and automatically owns your senior film.
  • Tuition is on the expensive side.
I really enjoyed my time here and appreciate the foundations classes we were required to take because they trained us to become artists, technically and conceptually. It definitely played a role in our filmmaking, regardless of how much I hated Drawing 1 & 2.
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