Stony Brook University - MFA in Film Producer Track

Degrees Offered
  1. 3 Year M.F.A.
  1. Producing
Yearly Tuition
Under $5k
Tuition Detail
$634/credit for New York State residents and $1,126/credit for non-residents.

Film School details

School Website
What is the Application Fee? $ 100
What is the official minimum GPA requirement? 3.0
Is a GRE required for admission? No
Is a portfolio required for admission? Yes
How many Letters of Reference are required? 3
The essence of Stony Brook’s MFA in Film Producer Track is in its small courses that identify and nurture the independent producer and shed a light on script development, casting, financing, scheduling, physical production, foreign sales, distribution, audience engagement, marketing, and new technologies. Training takes place in classrooms, on the set, and through interaction with talented classmates.

Application Requirements

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

2. Undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0.

3. Three letters of recommendation.

4. A current resume

5. A statement of purpose. Describe in a page or two why you are interested in this opportunity, how you would benefit, and what makes you a particularly deserving candidate. Upload this to the Additional Supplemental Materials, personal statement section of the application.

6. Your specialization: Screenwriter/ Television Writer/Director/Producer/Independent Track. (Add this to the bottom of your personal statement.)

Your specialization: Film or TV Writing Track. If Film, specify Screenwriter, Director, Producer or Independent Track.

7. Video Pitch. (Go to Portfolio Instructions and upload Video Pitch to the Digital Portfolio section of the application.)

  • All candidates: This is one of the more important elements to your application. You have probably seen people pitching for donations on a crowdsourcing site. In this case, you should pitch us yourself as a candidate. You can mention a project you want to work on, or something else that is exciting to you but we are interested in who you are as a creative artist/storyteller. The video pitch should be creative, polished, inventive. We want you to win us over here! SUGGESTED LENGTH: 3 MINUTES
8. Directing and Producing Video Samples. (URLs for all video links may be uploaded in the Qualifications section.)

  • Directing candidates only (not required for Screenwriting, Television Writing, or Producing candidates): Please include a link (or links) to up to 4 video samples of work to which you made a significant contribution. Be clear about what role you played: producer, writer, director, editor, production designer, cinematographer, etc. You may submit links for more than one piece but the total running time should not exceed 15 minutes. If you submit an excerpt, please describe the full work. Unless you are applying as a cinematographer or production designer, the entirety of your video sample should not be in the format of a professional reel but should also show us the substance of your work. (A reel might accompany another sample). In lieu of video, you may submit up to ten photographs, design samples, or photographs of your artwork.

9. Written materials: (All written materials may be uploaded in the Additional Supplemental Materials section)

Your written material should include:

a. All Candidates: The Scene. Write a short, 2-3-page scene inspired by one of these words that have no English language translation. We prefer a scene with two characters where one character wants something from the other, and that you do NOT explicitly use the word you have chosen.

  • Glas wen (Welsh) - A smile that is insincere or mocking. Literally, a blue smile.
  • Yuputka (Ulwa) - The phantom sensation of something crawling on your skin.
  • Iktsuarpok (Inuit) - You know that feeling of anticipation when you’re waiting for someone to show up at your house and you keep going outside to see if they’re there yet? This is the word for it.
b. All Candidates: The Logline. Write an extended log line or a paragraph describing a project you’d like to realize with us. Attach this logline to the bottom of your scene.

c. Screenwriting, Television Writing, and Directing Candidates: The Writing Sample. Please include a writing sample of up to 10 pages. This can be a complete short film, web episode, play, short story, or an excerpt of a feature screenplay, a television script, a webisode, a sketch or series of sketches. If you choose to submit an excerpt, please include a few lines describing the full work.

d. Producing Candidates: The Writing Sample. Please include a writing sample of up to 10 pages, including, critiques, production program notes, and/or literary criticism of a chosen screenplay, excerpts of a film or screenplay you have written, acquired or produced; or a brief statement describing your view of the role of Producing in today’s platform agnostic film industry.

10. Proficiencies. Directing Candidates Only

Please include a list of technical proficiencies in: camera, lighting, editing, and any related skills at the bottom of your statement of purpose.

What scholarship opportunities does the school have?

Robert Sklar Diversity Fellowship
In Fall 2021, we will award a handful of full and partial Graduate and Teaching Assistantships to our incoming students, particularly to those students who can contribute to the diversity of Stony Brook. All applications for full-time study in the Fall term are considered, provided that the application is submitted by January 7, 2021 . These GA/TA awards are extremely competitive.

A full TA/GA offer comes with an academic-year stipend of approximately $19,000, a 15-20 hour/week workload, full tuition waiver and subsidized health insurance. A partial TA/GA offer comes with a 50% tuition remission scholarship, and an academic-year stipend of approximately $9,500, as well as subsidized health insurance and an 8-10 hour/week workload. Students in good standing could expect to have their funding renewed for their second year, when they teach film and screenwriting courses to Stony Brook undergraduates.

Recipients of funding offers who can contribute to the diversity of Stony Brook may be additionally eligible for the Turner Fellowship. Those with outstanding academic promise may be eligible for the Graduate Council Fellowship. These fellowships award an additional $30,000 over the course of three years to their recipients, along with tuition waiver and stipend.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time it was last updated. PLEASE verify with the school ALL due dates and requirements as they may have changed since our last update. If any info on this page is incorrect please let us know and we will update it. We are not responsible for missed deadlines or rejected applications due to out of date information on this page. Please do your due diligence.

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