Syracuse University - Newhouse School Of Public Communications (MA)

Degrees Offered
2 Year M.A., Ph.D. Program
Film & Television Production
Tuition Range
$50k to $60k

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Application Deadline
January 15
Our graduate television, radio and film program will show you how movies are directed, how TV and film scripts are written and how radio programs are produced. You'll learn how to tell stories with visuals and audio. You'll study systems of production, distribution and exhibition. And you will work with our experienced faculty to build your own program based on your interests and goals.

GRE/Portfolio Requirement Footnote:
Submitting a portfolio is an either/or proposition. The requirement is to submit either a GRE score or a portfolio, but not both. This is to allow applicants who have professional work the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and aptitude through that work, rather than a test score.
New York
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GRE Required?
Notification of Decision
March 1
Portfolio Required?
Portfolio Requirements
3-6 Examples of Work OR GRE

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