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The Professional Program in Producing is modeled after the UCLA M.F.A. Producers Program and provides an intensive overview of the contemporary film, TV and digital media landscape, up-to-the-minute industry insight, and the tools needed to navigate the studio and independent marketplace.

Small seminar-style lectures and Q&A sessions provide ample opportunity to network with like-minded, ambitious individuals with varied professional backgrounds. Many students have formed business connections with classmates, developed projects together and shaped partnerships.

Taught by core UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television faculty, this graduate-level competitive program also features notable guest speakers such as Billy Ray (The Hunger Games), Whitney Wade (God of War series), Paul Green (The Revenant), Sheila Hanahan-Taylor (Final Destination series), and Adam Fogelson (Chairman of STX).

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

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  • amazing lecturers
  • great network
  • great community
  • no assignments or film projects
  • no financial aid
I loved my time at the UCLA PP in Producing! Each night, a different lecturer from a different part of the industry comes in and gives a talk. If you have just moved to LA and want a thorough understanding of the industry, as well as some connections, this is a great program at a not too steep price (not cheap though!). This program offers some amazing guest lecturers. I got to meet and participate in Q&As with the VP of Current at NBC and an exec at Marvel, among countless others.

One of the lecturers of the program while I attended was a former exec at a network (and Academy Award winner), who became a great mentor to everyone in the class. He took the time to set up individual meetings with all of us so he could learn about who we are and what we wanted from the program. Even now, months after finishing the program, I still email him and ask him for advice.

You're told right away that the most valuable takeaway from the program is the community you build with your fellow students. We hung out regularly, touring movie studios and throwing parties together. We even participated as a team together at the LA 48 Hour Film Festival. I still am close with several people from the program. It's nice to not feel alone as you try to find you way into the industry.

Also, I am currently interning at the production company of one of the lecturers who came and spoke with us. I definitely wouldn't have gotten this opportunity if I hadn't been a student at the UCLA PP.

If you can afford the program (when I went it was $5500 for the ten week course), I highly recommend it!

(I rated the equipment as one star because there is no equipment for the program. It's all lecture based, with no film assignments.)
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  • Inexpensive, great networking, valuable information, shorter than a full MFA program, shared faculty with MFA program
  • not a degree program, no practical course work (lecture based only)
Please bear in mind this review is specifically for the Professional Producing Program, NOT for a degree-rewarding program.
Professional Programs | UCLA School of TFT

I discovered the PP at UCLA through this forum when I was graduating from undergrad at The University of Michigan. At the time, I was getting my career started in production and Michigan had a tax incentive and I didn't want to miss out on those opportunities while I pursued a full MFA. The PP are only available to students who have completed their undergrad and they are a lecture based, simplified version of their MFA programs. When I attended in 2012, there were three programs; producing, directing, and screenwriting, They have now added others. I attended the Producing Program along with about 25 other students. There is an admissions process which requires transcripts, a statement of purpose and recommendations.

The lecturers were high ranking industry professionals. I cannot go into many details as to who or what was discussed in specifics because they require you not to disseminate the information in the lectures. This is because you are often given information that is proprietary. I can say that their list on their website is truthful and the lecturers were full of information about budgets, pitches, and the whole Hollywood system. You are not allowed to network with the speakers (you cannot ask them for their contact information), but the students often network with each other and many of my class still keep in touch or work together. In 2012, we also had the opportunity to work on a film which was being line produced by the program TA at the time. For some in the class this was their first time on a real film set. It's a great opportunity to learn how a set works from the ground up. The independent film world in particular in LA is very small and this is certainly a way to meet people involved and to gain valuable information.

If you don't get into an MFA program or you simply don't think a master's is for you, this is a great alternative.

From UCLA ...
The following topics are typically covered in the Professional Program in Producing: Production Preparation, Line Producing, Financing, Development, Story, Pitching, Contracts/Negotiations, Clearance/Copyright, Legal Issues for Independent Projects, Television Development, Feature Film Marketing, Television Marketing, Alternative Programming, Theatrical Distribution (Domestic and International), Budgeting, The Television Executive, Alternative Distribution, Producing/Directing for TV, Documentary, Post-Production, Producing for Video Games, Producing for Digital Media (Studio and Indie), Multiplatform Storytelling, Virtual Reality.

At this time there are no required materials for this course. In the event that course materials are needed, they will be supplied by UCLA.

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