USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA)

Degrees Offered
3 Year M.F.A.
Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Film & Television Production, Producing, Sound Design
Tuition Range
$20k to $30k

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Application Deadline
Fall Admission Deadline: November 15th
Spring Admission Deadline: August 15th
MFA students learn in the most state of the art facilities rivaling the most advanced production companies in the world. You'll hone your talent as a media-maker in six specialties- Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, and Sound-while also learning the newest cutting-edge technologies that are changing the professional production process, preparing you for all future forms of media production.
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GRE Required?
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Minimum GPA
No Minimum GPA Requirement
Letters of Reference Required
3 (1 from and academic reference)
Portfolio Requirements
1) Personal Statement (1,000 words),
2) Writing Sample: Film Description (2 pages) OR Paragraph Introduction (3 pages) OR Concept (2 pages),
3) Video or Photo Visual Sample, and
4) Creative Portfolio List
Internship Opportunities
Yes (required)

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  1. Really strong alumni network.
  2. Reputation and Prestige (World renowned).
  3. Opportunities to pitch to studio executives.
  4. Job opportunities/internships other than DP or directing in Hollywood.
  5. Surrounded by faculty who currently work in Hollywood.
  6. Student assistantships with hourly pay with sign on bonus of up to 5k.
  7. Scholarship opportunities for students who get their 1st or 2nd year films into good film festivals.
  1. Tuition fee: ~40k/annum ( total cost for 3 years might extend up to 200k because of self-funded films).
  2. Self-funded films except for 546 course (top 10 students of 60). Thesis is also self-funded.
  3. Can make only one top tier film festival worth movie in 546 course as a director (Unless you self-fund the films you make in intermediate directing, directing techniques, advanced directing or making media for social change courses).
  4. International students should be prepared to go back if they do not get their movies into top tier film festivals (which makes you eligible for O1 visa : click here for more details).
  5. No high end equipment for directing courses other than thesis or a 546.
Bottom line: Tons of opportunities to work in Hollywood but may be not as a DP or a Director (Unless you're a Ryan Coogler :D).
Admitted Applicant
  • USC SCA has a ton of resource.
  • Amazing faculty, equipment, infrastructure and amazing classmates aka future collaborators.
  • Plus being a part of USC, there is just a ton of advantages in itself.
  • Even the campus is breathtaking, which means you got a ton of shooting spots!
  • Not everything will be given to you, some expect that, but do know that you need to put in some effort too.
I have finished my first semester and it has lived up to my great expectations. The semester just blew past me. There was so much to do and so much to learn! I just can't wait for the next semester to begin.

USC School of Cinematic Arts IS definitely the best film school.
Current Student
Chris W
Chris W
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I just went to their graduate admitted students day, and needless to say, it's pretty understandable why they continuously rank top 3 on every Best Film School list. Friendly and knowledgeable faculty, committed students, and they had pulled a nice, diverse group together for this coming year which is very important to me as a filmmaker. Not sure where I'm going yet, but definitely impressed!
Admitted Applicant

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How many students get admitted to Directing MFA program each year? And does everyone in the major have the chance to make their thesis film?
Chris W
Chris W

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