USC Cinematic Arts - Peter Stark Producing Program (MFA)

Degrees Offered
2 Year M.F.A.
Tuition Range
$20k to $30k

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Application Deadline
November 15th
The Peter Stark Producing Program will expose an aspiring producer to the full spectrum of the entertainment business. Students will learn every step of the creative process, from development through distribution. Starkies discover and hone the creative, entrepreneurial, and managerial skills needed to succeed in their career path through classes in creating and developing stories, entertainment history, economics, studio management, budgeting; marketing, and independent producing. Starkies will know how to practically take a project of any media - film, television or interactive - from script to screen, large or small.

Approximately 24 Peter Stark Program students are enrolled each fall (there are no spring admissions).
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GRE Required?
Notification of Decision
Late February by phone
Letters of Reference Req.
3 (Each must be completed on Recommender's Form)
Internship Opportunities
Yes (required)
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Portfolio Requirements
1) Personal Statement

Latest questions

Hey, I'm wondering whether you can also apply as a (19-year-old freshman) for this program. I'm asking because I'm not really familiar with the US Education System.. and a lot of people state that they major in a subject, tho they are freshman themselves.
I was wondering if anyone knew what they are really looking for in the application? Grades? Experience? Other?
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I'm entering my first year & my answer is 'sort of, yes but not just film, and Definitely'

USC draws the best: more applicants than they can accept will have great grades & a long film resume. Everyone also has 'other', but I think many don't embrace it.

I've got okay grades from an okay university, but my degrees werent in film-- Pure Math & Theatre-- and I have a lot less film experience than many rejected applicants. I was honest about this on my app but I was excited to talk about the past 7 years I'd spent in NYC Theatre (acting, directing performance art, touring an opera, and 4 years running a theatre out of a garage-punk-venue). I explained how these experiences led me to where I am & why I want to LEARN from them-- you shouldnt be coming in having learned it all.

USC stresses storytelling & thats your job on the app. Tell them the STORY of you. Don't worry about making it impressive-- the faculty is much more intimidating than any applicant-- make your story interesting.

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