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Chris W

UT Austin - MFA program in Film and Media Production

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Degrees Offered:
Tuition Range:
$10k to $20k
The MFA program in Film and Media Production at UT embodies the fiercely independent spirit for which Austin’s filmmaking community is renowned.
  1. Sachin Dheeraj
    UT Austin review based on talking to current students/ alumni/ faculty
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 27, 2018
    Career Assistance:
    Financial Aid & Scholarships:
    1. Affordable tuition compared to other schools. ~9k for Texas residents and ~18k for out of state, per annum
    2. Amazing TA opportunities guaranteed to almost every MFA student. Benefits: Resident tuition qualification, Free medical insurance, 6k stipend per semester, $1892 tuition reduction per semester (paying ~6k for 2nd year and ~3k for 3rd year)
    3. Great faculty, also great for exploring Documentary film making.
    4. Film funding - 1k for pre-thesis film, 7k for thesis film (Moody Innovation Labs).
    5. You get a shot at making 2 top tier festival worthy films.
    6. Austin - home to 3 major film festivals.
    7. Higher chance of your film getting into SXSW.
    8. Great program if you also want to settle down as a professor.
    9. Opportunities for outside fellowships up to 28k.
    1. Not a lot of opportunities to work in Hollywood.
    2. Weaker alumni network when compared to the high ranked schools.
    3. International students should be prepared to go back if they do not get their movies into top tier film festivals (which makes you eligible for O1 visa : click here for more details). But you can go back without any financial obligations.
    4. It is not LA.
    Bottom line: A great inexpensive program if you are fine with being in a small, close-knit filmmaking community. A great deal, overall.
    Admitted Applicant
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