1. Y

    Applied AFI - Directing Program MFA Fall 2020

  2. V

    Attending AFI - Directing 2019

  3. Dean

    Denied Without Interview AFI - Directing Fall 2019

    I applied to AFI directing together with AFI Screenwriting. Admitted to screenwriting and rejected from directing.
  4. ForeignFilmmaker

    Attending AFI - Directing Fall 2019

  5. Septopus7

    Attending AFI - Screenwriting 2019

    ONCE AND FUTURE UPDATE: I have paid down my deposit for AFI, which I guess marks an end of the three year long "application" phase of the graduate school process for me. The hardest part, of course. Right? ...Right? I have now been admitted to AFI. I figured off the bat that I would turn them...
  6. E

    Comment by 'esilva21' in Application 'AFI - Directing 2019'

    Hey! My name is Enrico Silva and I will be attending AFI for the Cinematography discipline this year. I just saw that you got accepted into the Directing program. Congrats! I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself and share some of my previous work. Here is the link to my website...