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  1. Kira

    Pratt Institute

    This thread is for the general discussion of the film school Pratt Institute. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. G

    Columbia College Chicago or Pratt Institute???

    ASSISTANCE NEEDED!!! I got into both Columbia College Chicago and Pratt Institute both for the film programs. I am aware that CCC takes anyone, but they also have a good film program. Pratt is more prestigious and has name recognition. I am interested in directing/writing both live action AND...
  3. E

    Rising Senior applying for Fall 2021

    ...strengths, making it difficult for me to compile a definite college list. Colleges I'm currently looking into are Chapman, LMU, Syracuse, Pratt, USC, NYU, Columbia, and possibly Wesleyan and Vassar. I'm still looking so if anyone has suggestions for film colleges I should look in to feel...
  4. LeNoc

    Film School Wishlist Sharing - 2021 - Transfer to BA

    ...UCSB - big public college - 30% production - film studies Also Considering but less the profile: (NYFA, Yale, ArtCenter College of Design, Pratt) If you are also planning for next year, I propose that you do the same and publish what you are considering too and inform each-others :cool:
  5. F

    Help with college choices please

    My son has been accepted into the BFA or BA/BS film programs for film production (directing) at the following schools: Pratt DePaul University Ithaca College SCAD Columbia College Chicago He was deferred from Early Action to Regular Admission at: Emerson (this was always his top pick) Loyola...
  6. S

    SCAD vs RISD vs Pratt...Where should I go?

    I applied to all 3 and so far I got into Savannah College of Art and Design. I was wondering how good the film programs are at SCAD, RISD, PRATT, and SVA (which I might apply to). Which ones are really good and worth moving for? Also I am an Arab American so even though I'm obsessed with SCAD I...
  7. Jacob Kessler

    Where is money better spent, undergraduate or graduate film school?

    ...at different production companies. I decided to apply to transfer to several other film programs. Thus far I've been accepted to SVA, Pratt, and DePaul and have nearly completed my applications for Emerson and NYU (my top choice). This summer I'm also taking classes at NYU as part of the...
  8. N

    5 schools to choose from.. Wish for your help :)

    ...Neil, and I'm about to start studying Film in the close Fall(2012). I was accepted to 5 universities(UT at Austin, UNCSA, Emerson, Syracuse and Pratt institute(Brooklyn)). As an intenational student who's not so familiar with the different schools, I find it hard to choose. I know it's a wide...
  9. S

    TISCH hopefuls lets nail-bite together!

    for the next couple of months ..
  10. S

    Should I attend an academic school or film school if I plan to transfer after a year/

    Hi, I'm in the proccess of deciding where to attend college for next year. I got into SCAD and Pratt but from what I heard SCAD has a high crime rate and Pratt's film program isn't any good. So right now I am deciding between Seton Hall University, Drew University, and Montclair State University...
  11. W

    NYU applications

    Hi all-I submitted my application and was just reviewing some things. It's too late to fret about, but the silent film piece;it stipulates all exterior settings. I must have overlooked that. Most of it is outdoor but....
  12. L

    Art Schools for Film

    What are some art schools that are specialized, renowned, highly regarded, etc, for Film (not animation or other art forms?) How are they different from a film program at USC or BU? I'm pretty interested in CalArts - could someone elaborate on their undergrad film program?
  13. H

    Film school help: LA or NY? Which school?

    ...right now (not necessarily in order), so let me know if you guys have any input. Chapman City College of New York LMU SUNY Purchase CSULB Pratt SFSU I'd love any sort of opinion on any of these, as I'm really having a hard time choosing where to apply. To help you help me, here's what...
  14. A

    If not the "big" film schools, then what ?

    THis probably has been asked before but Its impossible to go through all those threads. Point is I want to go to NYU, or USC(2nd) but they are very expenisive and hard to get in to...so I was just wondering... Which other film schools are there that are (good, cheaper, and easier to get...
  15. J

    Pratt Institute

    Well today I went to the open house at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and I had very mixed reactions. For me, the type of school it is and the philosophy and cirriculum are all very "me". They encourage the culmination of all art forms and they allow you to focus on your major all four years...
  16. P

    Applications and Safeties

    Hey guys- I'm smack in the middle of the senior application process, and realized that I don't have enough "safeties" on my list. I'm looking for a school where I can major in film production, but that doesn't necessarily mean "film school"- for example, Northwestern is my top choice as of now...
  17. F

    Time to start the college hunt

    I'm currently a Junior in High School and I've recently started narrowing down my college choices. I have a 3.4 GPA, but it will be higher at the end of the year once my Junior year grades are factored in, so lets say I have a 3.5 I will be getting my SAT scores in 2 days so that might help...
  18. K

    pratt ?

    is the pratt institute any good?
  19. I

    talent - not grades!

    my honest confession is that my high school grades literally sucked. terrible. i mean like no chance in hell of getting into one of the big film schools. i DO, however, have a lot of portfolio work, have some actual professional experience, and tend to think i'm fairly talented. i was...
  20. A

    So, Where'd u Get Accepted/Where u Goin?

    I'm pretty bumed out today. Alot of schools got their word out today, April 1st. I had gotten accepted to some schools, but im really annoyed that i got wait listed by emerson. they said my movie/essay/extra currics were good, but sat and gpa werent. oh well, will see. So, where did u get...

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