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  1. BuddernScotch

    LMU - comparable to UCLA for screenwriting?

    Hi everyone. My main question is in the title, specifically, is the collaboration and internship opportunities / acceptance rates at competitive shows/studios comparable to a more renowned school like UCLA? Or even AFI? I have had interviews with these three schools and LMU has already given...
  2. Kate P

    Hello From Arizona

    Hi all, Hello from Phoenix, AZ! I was accepted to the LMU Writing for the Screen program and would like to meet others who are in it/are headed there in the fall. Glad to have found this resource! Kate
  3. Tina Berardi

    Scholarship Applications

    Hi! I'm applying to LMU, DePaul, UCLA, Texas, Chapman, and maybe Boston U for MFA in screenwriting programs, and noticed that there are pages posted for scholarship opportunities on each site, but I'm unsure exactly what I could get upon applying, particularly at UCLA... they have a whole page...
  4. Izzy

    LMU vs. AFI Film School Fall 2018

    I have made the decision that I am definitely best off by placing myself in the LA area for graduate school and have not yet heard back from AFI, but hopeful. Which program, between LMU and AFI, would be considered the best for somebody going to make connections and gain the best experience as a...
  5. xLorenzoM

    LMU vs Chapman Film School MFA

    So I did a lot of extensive research on both schools since I and a lot of others got accepted into both programs. Here's what I've gotten from both schools as pros and cons: Tuition LMU (about $20k per year for 3 years) Approximately $60k in total Chapman (about $42k per year for 2 years)...
  6. BuddernScotch

    USC Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2019

    Hello fellow USC screenwriting hopefuls! So the time is upon us again. I've just spoken to the Cinematic Arts dept. today and apparently applications were sent out for review yesterday - so... yeah. It's begun. This is my third time applying, USC is the dream school for screenwriting, but I've...
  7. A

    Chapman vs CSUN vs LMU for MFA Screenwriting

    Hi guys, I'm planning to apply to a film school for a MFA in Screenwriting, but I'm not interested in the big four (USC, UCLA, NYU, AFI) because they're too expensive and competitive. My plan is to build industry connections without going into a shit ton of debt. I know film school isn't...
  8. revolotus

    LMU v. BU

    It looks like my choice for 2017 is going to come down to LMU or BU - I am waiting to hear back from a few other schools, but they are long shots. I know and understand the significant differences between the schools themselves, and how the campus and city life would be different. There is a...
  9. H

    How old are you?

    I'm 26, turning 27 this summer. I applied to USC, UCLA, and LMU for screenwriting.
  10. I

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    LMU Film & TV Production - interviewed and waiting Chapman TV Writing & Producing - interviewed and waiting Columbia Directing/Screenwriting - interview scheduled UCLA - Production/Directing - haven't heard anything since submitting
  11. BuddernScotch

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    Screenwriting MFA AFI - interviewed waiting LMU - interviewed accepted UCLA - interviewed waiting Chapman - waiting USC - waiting but I've been here twice before and it's a big ol DENIED
  12. Chris W

    UCLA Screenwriting 2019 the tracker as well. As far as old threads you can use the Advanced Search to narrow some down: Search results for query: LMU screenwriting You should also create an LMU Writing for Screen 2019 thread if there already isn't one. I'll see about contacting some people who are there who...
  13. A

    Chapman MFA

    Well I got into Chapman yesterday for Screenwriting, and considering I got turned down by AFI today, there is a pretty good chance I will be going to Chapman in the fall now! I just have to hear back from LMU now to make a final decision.
  14. W

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    Do you mind if I ask what your gpa or any other information you have is? I applied to LMU film &TV and havent heard anything though I felt like I was a competitive applicant.
  15. A

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    Applied to 5 screenwriting programs (specifically feature writing if there's a TV/feature writing program difference). USC - Waiting: probably out if hear nothing back tomorrow lol AFI - Interviewed with fingers crossed LMU - Interviewed with fingers crossed Chapman - Don't do interviews for...
  16. mistah_P

    Profile Evaluation/Feedback for MFAs in Screenwriting, and MFAs in Directing

    Hey folks, So I discovered this site a month ago, and have been voraciously reading the posts here and been gleaning lots of useful information as I consider my upcoming applications to film schools. I wanted to throw down my base profile, and get some thoughts and feedback about the...
  17. Cody Young

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    Hey everyone, I applied to 9 programs (all Screenwriting) Azusa Pacific-Accepted UCLA- No Interview, probably out USC- The waiting game LMU - No interview, chances are good that I’m out Columbia- Interviewed, waiting with fingers crossed AFI- Interviewed, anxiously waiting for March 15th to...
  18. popsicles

    LMU - comparable to UCLA for screenwriting?

    Would be very interested if anyone could comment on collab between screenwriting and producing students too (accepted/considering Production MFA for Fall '19)... I will say it looked like the screenwriting department is more upfront about the internship opportunities/program than the production...
  19. Cody Young

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    I had a good feeling about my AFI interview as well. Who did you interview with?
  20. I

    MFA Application Status Report 2019

    UPDATE: just received an email from UCLA inviting me for an interview!