1. eggparanoia

    AFI (Screenwriting) vs Columbia (Directing/Screenwriting) - Fall '15

    Hey all, I'm in the fortunate quandary of having to decide between AFI and Columbia in the next two weeks. AFI seems like a great place for people who know they want just writing for two years -- and to be where the action is. Columbia seems like a great place for people who want more of the...
  2. silverbackElephant

    AFI 2015 Directing Application

    There must be a good number of AFI directing applicants on this forum. It may help us to have a dedicated forum to offer support and answer questions. Still no interview for me. Has anyone heard back about an interview yet?
  3. TheArsenal1886

    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2015

    Should be hearing from the school relatively soon regarding interviews. Anybody heard anything yet? I dug a little bit through the site and these are the earliest dates in each application period that people have been contacted about an interview/rejection: Fall 2014 = 1/17/2014 (interview...
  4. Travis Leake

    2015 USC MFA Screenwriting Accept Reject Waitlist

    Haven't seen anyone start this thread this year. I suppose I'll start us off. Applied for the Fall 2015 semester. Everything was in and finalized (including references) before the priority date of 11/01. First time applying. Background in music production, short fiction, couple of small...

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