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  1. C

    USC Exact Deadline - Does anyone know the exact time/ time zone of the USC Nov 15th deadline? (Help!!!!!)

    Does anyone know the exact time/ time zone of the USC Nov 15th deadline? Somebody just said are you sure it’s not “by the 15th” aka midnight of the 14th (tonight) and now I’m panicking but I don’t see an exact time anywhere. Please help !!!!
  2. BuddernScotch

    Virtual Learning at UCLA during COVID - Current Student AMA

    Hey all - current MFA Screenwriting student at UCLA. Chris suggested I do an AMA, so here it is. This may be a little late as the current year's new cohort has already been decided. But if there's anyone that has questions about how to make the best of this situation while we're here, as I've...
  3. Chris W

    Fun Threads We are all going to die... 2020 is going to kill us and now it's the Super AI Singularity

    Are you familiar with GPT-3? It's the new AI that writes amazing essays for you. You could use it to write your Applications. No please don't. But we're close to Super AI Singularity and soon we're all going to be silly little pets of a super intelligence. Case in point... Here's an essay...
  4. C

    Declined Admission After Interview MetFilm School - MA Screenwriting 2020

    First time applying. Was amazed and slightly concerned how swift the process was. The interview took place on Skype and was just a few straightforward questions that built upon the stuff I said in my personal statement.
  5. Chris W

    Fun Threads Murder Hornets Sub-plot not needed.... Could edit out

    It's a little heavy handed and too much don't you think? Could totally be edited out of script.
  6. JoanCrawford

    Is It Possible to Be Denied After a Waitlist?

    I was waitlisted for Northwestern back in mid-March, and got an update to my application email in my inbox this morning. I was rejected? I've never heard of someone getting rejected off of a waitlist? I've already committed elsewhere, but I find it odd. Has this happened to anyone else in the...
  7. Chris W

    2020 Decisions.... what has everyone decided?

    If you were accepted this application season have you decided where to go yet? And if you weren't accepted... are you applying again next year? Granted this whole COVID mess has thrown a huge wrench with the equation. :(
  8. KevinMN

    Admitted After Interview Columbia - Directing/Screenwriting Fall 2020

  9. JoanCrawford

    Declined Admission Without Interview Chapman Screenwriting MFA Fall 2020

  10. JoanCrawford

    Northwestern Writing for Screen and Stage Fall 2020

    By golly, I'm making this thread so that I can provide some basic information about this program. I'm about to have my interview and I don't know what they're going to ask me. I'll update this post about my preparation and interview once it happens. Hopefully, someone out in the deep blue...
  11. S

    Applied USC - Writing for Screen and Television 2020

  12. S

    Applied UCLA - Screenwriting 2020

  13. bettscampo

    Admitted Off Waitlist AFI - Cinematography 2020

  14. A

    Applied AFI - Directing Fall 2020

  15. gokuladharshan

    Denied Without Interview UWM - Performing Arts MFA - Concentration in Film

  16. yibokou

    Admitted After Interview AFI MFA Production Design Fall2020

    First time apply. Got admitted!
  17. S

    UT Austin - MFA Screenwriting 2020

    Hello everyone! Just making a thread for the people applying to UT for screenwriting. Why do you want to go to UT? What did you think about the application?
  18. oliviaaa

    Denied Without Interview USC - Writing for Screen & Television 2020

  19. KatieeveD

    Admitted Without Interview USC - Writing for Screen and Television 2020

    It's my first time applying.
  20. Chris W

    November 1st: FIRST BIG MFA DEADLINE! :)

    I finally updated the application deadline article for the 2019/2020 application season: https://www.filmschool.org/articles/film-school-mfa-application-deadlines.8/ Looks like the first big deadline is UCLA. Where is everyone applying?

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