1. Boethius

    Columbia University Directing/Screenwriting MFA -- 2021 Graduate -- AMA

    Hello, hopeful film school applicants. This site was my top go-to as I applied to film schools five years ago, and I know how anxiety-inducing the application process can be. I graduated this spring and still believe Columbia was the best choice for me. Please feel free to ask questions about...
  2. Chris W

    Decision time 2021! Where has everyone decided to go if you've been Accepted?

    If you've been accepted... where have you decided to go to Film School?
  3. U

    Admitted (After Interview) MFA screenwriting - fall 2021

  4. Chris W

    Film & TV Discussions Best Films of 2021!

    #Obvs it's Kong vs Godzilla. Watched it with my boys last night. This tweet is spot on.... 🤣🤣🤣
  5. B

    Should I go to Syracuse university? or Depaul university?

    Hi! I applied 5 schools for the fall 2021 MFA program (Chapman, UT, LMU, Depaul, Syracuse) Gratefully, I got acceptance from Syracuse (and waiting for Depaul, waitlist on LMU, else I got rejected )but I don't have much information about their film program. I love to take fiction films and...
  6. C

    Admitted (After Interview) MFA Chapman - Directing Emphasis

  7. Chris W

    Film School 2021 Status Report

    So.... this seems to be the status as of now... AFI - interviews have happened... are happening? Decisions Mid March? Columbia - interviews are scheduled or have happened DePaul - decisions have come in FSU - some Acceptances & Decisions have come in LMU - interviews have happened Northwestern...
  8. N

    Waitlisted (After Interview) Peter Stark 2021

  9. folio

    Denied (After Interview) USC - MFA - Fall 2021

  10. L

    AFI Editing Fall 2021

    Hi, is there a thread for AFI Editing program Fall 2021? I can’t find one, so I just create this. Seems that not so many people apply for AFI editing this year, or they just didn’t find this forum?
  11. C

    UCLA TFT 2021 (Undergraduate)

    Hey guys! here’s a thread for TFT 2021. I submitted back in December and am waiting to hear back. Post on here ab any interviews you guys have gotten or any updates!! -Chickennoodlesoup
  12. C

    UCLA TFT undergraduate interviews?

    Hey guys, I applied for TFT back in December and I’m getting kinda anxious about waiting for an interview, since it’s already late February. Does anyone know if they’ve already sent them out for film applications? My friend had told me about how she got an interview as a Theater applicant, and...
  13. L

    Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage 2021

    Curious if anyone else applied to this program for Fall 2021?? It doesn't seem to be particularly popular on here, but it's so exciting to me!
  14. arc

    Applied NYU Graduate Film

  15. Cody Young

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia Film MFA 2021

  16. nicolenic0le

    Admitted (After Interview) DePaul MFA Directing Fall 2021

  17. cawheeler

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Film & TV Production MFA

  18. Cody Young

    AFI Producing 2021

    Didn’t see an AFI producing discipline thread, figured I would make one since interview notifications are starting to go out for the other disciplines.

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