1. iheartmfa

    Scholarships for Fall 2024

    Anybody know of outside-school scholarships that have application periods this Fall 2023? Applying to MFA directing programs for Fall 2024, don't want to miss any scholarship deadlines. Or most popular film scholarships to apply for -- could only find info on NATAS scholarships in the...
  2. M

    Waitlisted (After Interview) Columbia screenwriting and directing

    It went smoothly. I had fun writing all the assignments. I felt my application was stronger this year. What regards the interview I was not sure how it went. I was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.
  3. N

    Has anyone else NOT heard back yet from UCLA MFA Screenwriting ‘23?

    Hey all…. I applied like normal for the UCLA MFA 2023 Screenwriting, had my interview on Feb and 16th. They told me I’m being considered for the Feature track. I saw on this form that a lot of people heard back early March . I sent admissions an email March 9th asking for an update and they...
  4. K

    Denied (After Interview) Columbia Writing for Film & TV MFA - Fall 2023

    Honestly, I feel kind of slighted with this one because I had the opportunity to interview with three faculty members and thought it went pretty well. Maybe the fact that the interview didn't flow as smoothly or easily as Chapman's should have clued me in that I wasn't going to get in. Oh...
  5. H

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) LMU Screenwriting MFA 2023

    Pretty long personal statement compared to some places. A lot of choice with the writing prompt which I liked. Had to do a video statement, which was strange and unexpected. But in the end it is a fun way to express yourself once you get into it. I think they like it if you do something outside...
  6. K

    USC MFA 2023 - Scholarships, anyone?

    Hi all! Has anyone who was accepted into any of USC's MFA programs heard back about scholarships/fellowships? I emailed admissions awhile back and they said to hold tight until the end of March as they're still rolling out decision letters. Just curious as to whether anyone else has gotten a...
  7. avxnnya

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Chapman University – Film Production MFA (Cinematography Emphasis)

    The process was pretty good, I spent most of my time on the Transformational Moment essay which I think made a big difference in my application. I submitted a 5-minute piece for my cinematography reel :)
  8. Chapman Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    Admitted (After Interview) Chapman Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    This was my first time applying! As with all my other applications, the first half of my 20-page writing sample was the only thing I had prepared beforehand. Got the interview notification email at 10:18 a.m. on Feb 22nd and I (fool that I am) panicked when I saw that only the next day (23rd)...
  9. K

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2023

    Little bit (okay, fine—a lot) bummed I didn't get in because this was an application I put a lot of thought and effort into, but I know AFI is stupidly competitive and this is only my first time applying with very limited film experience. As with my USC app, most of my materials were done at the...
  10. L

    Admitted (After Interview) UNCSA Screenwriting - FALL 2023

    The application process was very rigorous (you have to submit a lot of supporting materials- resume, personal statement, video essay, film criticism and screenwriting example) but I was glad for it as it felt like they had a real sense not just of my screenwriting but of who I am. The...
  11. K

    Denied (w/o Interview) Northwestern Writing for Screen and Stage MFA - Fall 2023

    First time applying and I knew I didn't get in when I saw others had been asked to interview over a week prior. Wasn't surprised to receive my rejection after that, especially since this was the application I turned in the latest and put in the least effort for (whoops). Still—bummer. The...
  12. Chris W

    Waitlist Support Group 2023

    Has anyone been waitlisted? Reply here if you have. Our application statistics and database has "accepted off waitlist" dates and data as well. As always don't forget to log your applications in our database so we can improve our acceptance data for the programs.
  13. Chris W

    Rejections Support Group 2023

    Have you gotten a rejection? Don't worry - it takes a while to get in sometimes. We've had applicants apply for over three times before finally getting in. If you've been denied... Are you going to apply again? As always don't forget to log your applications in our database so we can improve...
  14. Chris W

    Acceptances 2023

    Have you been accepted? Congratulations! Reply here with where you've been accepted to and what programs you're still waiting on. Also, if accepted, are you going to attend? As always don't forget to log your applications in our database so we can improve our acceptance data for the programs.
  15. E

    Admitted (w/o Interview) USC Writing for Screen & TV MFA 2023

  16. K

    Admitted (w/o Interview) USC Writing for Screen & TV MFA - Fall 2023

    This was my first time applying and I honestly didn't expect to get in; most of my materials were done at the very last minute, but that doesn't mean I didn't put great thought and effort into them. My ten-page writing sample was the only thing I had prepared beforehand. The decision...
  17. O

    Columbia Screenwriting/Directing MFA 2023

    I noticed there wasn't a thread for this, so I made one. How is everyone doing?
  18. GimmeCroissants

    Denied (w/o Interview) Boston University - MFA in Screenwriting - Fall 2023

    First time applying. What most made this application stand out was the video interview via Kira Talent. After being posed a question, you have 45 seconds to consider an answer and then will be filmed for 90 seconds to answer. I found it freeing to be able to answer by myself with no one watching...
  19. O

    Applied NYU FILM - 2023

    Fine. The application process was incredibly confusing (the different sites where I had to upload materials). I thought it was interesting that this was the only application I submitted that required a picture of me...
  20. GimmeCroissants

    Denied (w/o Interview) Northwestern - MFA Writing for Screen and Stage - Fall 2023

    First time applying. Be sure to start the application early, since they don't outrightly advertise the optional diversity statement and post-graduation plans statement (if you have something to say for them).

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