afi 2019

  1. H

    AFI Intellectual Property Agreement concerns

    Hi, I am concerned about the AFI intellectual property agreement. Is anyone else having concerns? Are there any alums who have run into issues, or worked any way out with the school of attaining rights if someone wanted to buy, say, a script? Thanks!
  2. Cody Young

    Accepted into AFI’s Screenwriting program, Ask me Anything!

    Hello all, I’m a recently accepted graduate student who will be attending AFI in the fall within the Screenwriting discipline. This past year, I applied to MFA programs for the first time and I unfortunately only discovered this website shortly after I submitted my last application. Being that...
  3. E

    Accepted to AFI - Cinematography AMA

    I am starting the program this August. If you guys have any questions about the application process let me know!
  4. elisasouza

    AFI Cinematography 2019

    I see threads for Directing, for Screenwriting... Any Cinematography applicants out there? :)
  5. Dean

    AFI - Directing 2019

    have you guys gotten any views on you film yet from AFI? What is their URL supposed to be on Vimeo?

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