afi 2021

  1. nvf101

    USC or AFI? (For Directing/Film & TV Production)

    Hi all, long time commenter/lurker and first time poster here. I find myself in the really fortunate and unexpected position of having been admitted to both USC and AFI for Fall 2021 and I’m in the process of figuring out which one to commit to. Since I am always bowled over by the insights and...
  2. Tianyu Yang

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Producing 2021

  3. J

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Screenwriting (2021)

    Script (max 20 pg) “Risk” scene (5 pg max)
  4. M

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Directing MFA Fall 2021

  5. P

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Directing Fall 2021

  6. isla

    Denied (After Interview) AFI Directing MFA

  7. jenamaya

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI Screenwriting 2021

  8. L

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Editing Fall 2021

    A very great program and a wonderful school. This is my first-time applying and got waitlisted after the interview. I would re-apply for the second time.
  9. L

    AFI Editing Fall 2021

    Hi, is there a thread for AFI Editing program Fall 2021? I can’t find one, so I just create this. Seems that not so many people apply for AFI editing this year, or they just didn’t find this forum?
  10. P

    Interviewed AFI Fall 2021 Screenwriting

  11. kcgam

    Interviewed AFI Screenwriting FA2021

  12. nicolenic0le

    Interviewed AFI MFA Directing Fall 2021

  13. hugofaraco

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Fall 2021 Directing

  14. Quack Girl

    AFI Production Design 2021

    Has anyone had their interview? I applied for the production design program, anyone else? Anyone want to talk about how the interview went whether it was editing, producing, directing?
  15. T

    Denied (After Interview) AFI Fall 2021 - Directing

    - submitted 10 minutes of my short film - magical realism/drama. - Submitted a silent comedy about a runaway bride being dragged back to her wedding for the "Confrontation" themed video project. Production value was very low - it was silly and fun - went into detail about my non-film experiences...
  16. Average Alex

    Waitlisted (After Interview) AFI Directing

  17. Batsy

    Denied (After Interview) AFI - Screenwriting Fall 2021

    The interview was rather casual! The questions came up based on what I spoke about for the most part. You meet with two faculty from your discipline for about 30 minutes. Questions I was asked are listed below: -Where am I (location) -What kind of stories do I want to tell at AFI? -Asked about...
  18. ValArya

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) AFI Directing Fall 2021

  19. A

    Interviewed AFI Screenwriting 2021

  20. spencerseye

    Applied AFI - Cinematography Fall 2021

    Since this was my first year applying, I'm a bit nervous. I would say the hardest part was the Narrative Statement as I don't like talking about myself, but it's crucial for the interviewees to get a sense of your personality and who you are as a filmmaker. I reached out to previous applicants...

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