afi cinematography

  1. Viswesh

    AFI Cinematography - 2022

    Hey all. I've applied for AFI Cinematography 2022. Thankfully, they have extended the deadline by Jan 4th. Got views for my submitted work links and god willing would I make it for an interview. Haven't seen anyone discussing here about Cinematography from AFI fall 2022. Just curious to check...
  2. Abel Guan

    Denied (After Interview) AFI Cinematography

  3. Leo86

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2021

  4. juliak

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) AFI Cinematography 2021

    deets about interview: They first asked what I know about AFI and about them, next about my work as an assistant (I worked on some projects as 2nd AC). Then they asked about my lighting approach and where I draw my inspiration from, why I applied to AFI and what I hope to get out of it, what...
  5. Millennimum Nemo

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2021

  6. Millennimum Nemo

    AFI Cinematography - 2021

    I'm in the process of readying my application and hoping to finish it by the end of this week. Will be logging into AFI's Info Session tomorrow with Giovanni. Very few AFI Cinematography threads visible, and none found for the 2021 batch (or I'm just new and haven't figured out the website well...
  7. DennisZz

    Denied (After Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2020

    first time applying
  8. Leo86

    AFI Cinematography 2020

    Anyone out there who has started the application process for the Cinematography program fall 2020?
  9. Leo86

    How many applicants are there for the Cinematography course at AFI?

    Does anyone know approximately how many applications AFI receive for the Cinematography course at AFI? And how many of those are picked out for interview?
  10. elisasouza

    AFI Cinematography 2019

    I see threads for Directing, for Screenwriting... Any Cinematography applicants out there? :)
  11. brothap

    Denied (After Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2019

  12. American Film Institute (AFI) - Cinematography

    American Film Institute (AFI) - Cinematography

    Focusing on the art and craft of visual storytelling, Fellows receive instruction from professional cinematographers while learning how to move an audience with their visual interpretation of the narrative. Classroom lectures, lighting workshops, and exercises using both digital and 35mm film...
  13. B

    AFI Cinematography Interview for 2018

    Hello everyone! I got interviewed by AFI Cinematography faculties Stephen Lighthill & Jacek Laskus on Friday, Mar 9th. The whole interview took me around 15 minutes. They asked me a couple questions on why I applied AFI Cinematography (compared with other film schools), any experiences working...

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