afi conservatory

  1. F

    Why AFI conservatory?

    Why should I attend AFI conservatory? Is it worth it?
  2. F

    What do I need to attend AFI conservatory?

    What do I need to attend AFI conservatory? Any tips on applying?
  3. How to Get Into AFI: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Office (Part 2)

    How to Get Into AFI: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Office (Part 2)

    Exclusively for our Supporting Members, this is the second part of our 2.5 hour interview with the AFI Admissions Office. is 100% advertisement free so without our Supporting Members, in-depth articles and interviews like this one would not be possible. Supporting Members also...
  4. How to Get Into AFI: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Office (Part 1)

    How to Get Into AFI: Exclusive Advice From the Admissions Office (Part 1)

    Ask anyone about where to go to film school, and you’re bound to hear the American Film Institute Conservatory. First established in 1967, AFI is world renowned for producing pioneers and trailblazers in the film industry. In 2020, the Hollywood Reporter ranked AFI as the top film school in...
  5. N

    AFI Information Session Video

    Hey everyone, I unfortunately had to miss the online Info Sesh for AFI this week due to work, so was wondering if anyone happened to record it and would be willing to share? Or at least, would anyone care to share any vital pieces of info they got from it? Thanks so much!
  6. A

    AFI - Should I apply straight out of Undergrad?

    One month left until the AFI deadline, and I'm still conflicted on whether I should apply or not. (If I do, it would be for directing.) I know AFI has a more professional-focused program, and I'm going to be fresh out of undergrad, though I'm doing film in undergrad so I have a few years of...
  7. D

    IELTS score for AFI Conservatory.

    HI, I am a foreign applicant to AFI. I have an Academic IELTS overall 7.0 score, but The Admissions requirements on AFI website are just a little confusing. They say, If English is NOT your country of citizenship’s native language, and you are NOT a U.S. citizen or legal resident of the U.S...
  8. Chris W

    AFI Directing 2020 "A Secret"

    AFI's application info for Directing had been released: Directing applicants are required to submit the following: Submit an example of a moving image project that you have personally directed and that best demonstrates individual talent and ability. You may submit the best 10 continuous...
  9. Chris W

    AFI Screenwriting 2020 "An Encounter"

    It appears their writing prompt this year is "An Encounter": From their site: Screenwriting applicants are required to submit the following: A PDF of a typed screenplay in professional format (20 pages maximum) of which you are the sole screenwriter. If the sample is from a longer script...
  10. Leo86

    AFI Cinematography 2020

    Anyone out there who has started the application process for the Cinematography program fall 2020?
  11. Leo86

    How many applicants are there for the Cinematography course at AFI?

    Does anyone know approximately how many applications AFI receive for the Cinematography course at AFI? And how many of those are picked out for interview?
  12. Chris W

    AFI Conservatory Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA

    According to data from our Application Tracker the reported acceptance rate and minimum GPAs for American Film Institute are the following: AFI - Cinematography AFI Acceptance Rate: [0]=AFICinematography']50% (9 out of 18 applications) Lowest Reported Minimum GPA...
  13. Cody Young

    Accepted into AFI’s Screenwriting program, Ask me Anything!

    Hello all, I’m a recently accepted graduate student who will be attending AFI in the fall within the Screenwriting discipline. This past year, I applied to MFA programs for the first time and I unfortunately only discovered this website shortly after I submitted my last application. Being that...
  14. E

    Accepted to AFI - Cinematography AMA

    I am starting the program this August. If you guys have any questions about the application process let me know!
  15. M

    How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting.

    How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting. I anguished over the thought of turning down either school. As a true cinephile, how could I consider living outside of LA? That’s where the industry is. I had to attend AFI. But what about the legends born out of New York, like...
  16. y0shek

    Columbia U or AFI for Film Directing?

    Long time lurker on the site here! Hi! I have the wonderful situation to have been accepted to both Columbia University Directing/Writing as well as AFI. I've had one short french-language film distributed that won several awards at smaller film festivals. Made a micro-micro budget feature a...
  17. ForeignFilmmaker


    Hi guys, I would really love some insight and thoughts from you all about this decision. I applied to both AFI & UCLA MFA directing programs hoping that I would get into one, but never imagining I could have gotten into both. I though that if I got into one, that would be the one I'd go to...
  18. Deb F

    USC or AFI for Production/Directing?

    Hey everyone, if you are admitted to USC film production major and AFI directing class, which one would you attend and why?
  19. d890

    SCREENWRITING: Columbia vs. AFI?

    Hi all, I am just thinking things through, and wondering what the pros and cons of each school are in terms of the screenwriting mfa... Anyone else debating between the two? Thoughts?
  20. elisasouza

    AFI Cinematography 2019

    I see threads for Directing, for Screenwriting... Any Cinematography applicants out there? :)

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